English Premier League 2019/20

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English premier is the top-notch division in the English football system featuring 20 teams every season.

The Premier League challenge commences in August and ends in May of the immediate following year every season.

Premier league campaigns are accompanied by numerous other challenges where Premier league shareholders are key participants.

The much anticipate league in England and all over the world has millions of followers as football lovers take sides in support of particular teams playing in the EPL league or lower leagues of the English football system and with a potential to get promoted in the near future.

Like all other major football systems, the English Premier league works through promotions and relegations.

Three teams leave the club for lower leagues in the system while the three top teams in Division two league join this top-level league, English Premier League.

The participating teams in the English Premier League act as the shareholders for the particular season and they are set to play in 38 matches before the end of each Season’s campaigns.

The current premier league champions are Manchester City Football Club, popularly referred to as the Cityzens.

Other English football competitions immediate in valuation to the EPL entail the FA community Shield Cup Title.

The FA Community Shield Cup is a knockout based challenge where the playing teams each round must get a winner, which involves penalty shootouts at times.

Manchester City also holds the FA community Shield Cup Title as per the results of the 2018/2019 campaigns.

English Premier League (EPL) and the FA cup Title are the two major domestic football mantles disparately sought by the 20 participating contestants in the top-level league of English football systems.

English Premier League Background

The current EPL tracks its origin to 1990, when Greg Dyke a TV host director consulted to broadcast matches featuring the big five football clubs then in the English football system; Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, and Tottenham Hotspur.

The meeting resulted in a series of negotiations with the Football Association which led the Football League challenge.

The negotiation aimed at seeing if the FA community would be receptive of the broadcasting idea which was viewed to be a banger for the big five to collect extra revenue thus some of the other football teams in the English football system threatened to break away and form a super league competition.

To curtail the Football Association’s authority, the top five England teams signed an agreement on 1st July 1997 which ushered in a new division, the FA Premier League.

The new division had commercial independence from the football association and the Football league thus they were able to negotiate the acquisition of Broadcasting rights.

Early 1992, giant English football clubs left the Football league and then the premier league was to operate within one league while the Football league retained the four lower divisions of the English football system.

The operations of the Premier League and other leagues under the Football League mandate remained the same to date; they all operate through promotion and relegations with the Premier League being the top-level league owing to the involvement of top-level Football Clubs and well-established teams in it.

The first EPL Premier League campaigns took place in 1992/1993 after which three teams were relegated from the 22 shareholder members League; West Ham United, Notts County, and Luton Town football clubs.

New Premier League Era       

Premier League was dominated by four teams in the first decade; Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea were the top four position key holders for almost all EPL campaigns since the 2000s.

The Big-four also went on to dominate football in Europe, hinging the Champions League multiple times, a performance which led to Premier league surpassing the Italian Serie A league which was the leading League in the world with most attendance and power.

However, as we head towards the 2019/2020 English Premier League campaigns, things are quite different; the big four are now part of a fair competition which can go to any club.

Only Manchester City has managed to dominate the First position for the last two seasons and seems on the form to take its dominance even further.

Currently, the most EPL competition favorite teams are Manchester City, and Liverpool; this is based on their last campaigns performance.

However, after various transfers to Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea’s changed management, transfers to the Old Trafford, and many other English Premier League just to mention a few, the league outcome can only be predicted after play.


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