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Virtual Sports Betting in Kenya

The iGaming world has been growing fast with recent technological advancement. With similar positive drive, the virtual betting field has also experienced robust changes as video gaming complexities reign the modern industry.

This field had not been introduced into the country until it was clear that players considered their fantasy sports important. When you seek betting sites with virtual football in Kenya, it is apparent that almost every bookie has that unique market in operation.

Why do players love betting on virtual sports?

The main reason is that punters find these computer games concepts easy to grasp, and again the returns are effected in seconds. Users easily win big in a matter of three minutes while the market’s impending risk levels are similarly high.

As much as the winning is easy, you need to keep in mind that these are fixed-odds events which are run by established and verified sources; hence the bookmaker has no influence over any outcomes.

The few bookies with an own virtual bet gaming algorithm cannot also influence the outcomes. That is because even their developers have no control over these events once the algorithm is installed.

Looking for good virtual betting sites in Kenya is half of the task. At the same time, actual playing contributes to the remaining 50% of your potential success in the market. This is an exclusive guide for Kenyan players, and some of the vital information users will learn by the end of reading entail;

  1. Virtual betting tricks
  2. Virtual betting strategy
  3. An exclusive selection of reliable virtual betting bookies
  4. Pros and cons of the avenue
  5. Money management and emotional control
  6. Friendly virtual betting sports categories and high winning selections

What Is Virtual Football Betting?

You must have come across virtual leagues within your bookie page and wondered what the concept behind these markets is?

Virtual football is the most played simulation worldwide, and it involves computer run programs which are relied on by the bookies and punters to settle wagers. One important fact you should know before betting on virtual football is that the outcomes are never predictable.

virtual sport

What players do is follow a trend, which is not stable at all since the algorithm is programmed to settle at an unpredictable state. This is how to win virtual football betting;

  1. Choose favourites: from the many teams and leagues, choose specific teams to follow their progress. This will also require that you stick to particular bet types we will highlight later in this virtual betting review
  2. Get good virtual sports betting Kenya platforms. Being a computer simulation, the house has some freedom to choose whether to be authentic or end up corrupting the systems during development. Therefore, the choice is critical, and you can select any of the platforms we have recommended for you here
  3. You must have a virtual football betting strategy. This is where your financial management and emotional control aspect comes in. Make no mistakes of increasing your stake to chase some of the losing bets since that may lead to bigger losses

Advantages and Disadvantages

If you chose this way of sport virtual betting, be prepared for immense tension, hormone action and other discomforts associated with the noise in this market.

Basically, every trade with few minutes settling time inclusive of casinos has never been the place for inexperienced persons. However, the outcomes if all goes well are always appealing and really impressive compared to regular wagering activities.

To gauge whether you are capable of putting up with this avenue, check through these pros and cons;


  1. Fast money. The play is just three minutes with your wins getting credited immediately
  2. Big profits. Considering that the simulations have a short-lived playtime, you can run several tickets and scope vast sums of money
  3. No more waiting: some of the leagues in the “turbo” category run for seconds, and you get your money right in
  4. Easy to grasp the concept as long as you follow specific teams


  1. Easy blow on your budget. It is a matter of fast loss and fast profits hence no virtual betting tips can guarantee full profiting days
  2. They are highly addictive to users having no control skills
  3. Highly influence emotional rapture

What Are the Different Leagues and Bet Types on Offer?

Just like in sports occasions, you will notice that the leagues and bet categories vary from one bookie to the other. For instance, most companies like naming these leagues after their brand name, but still there exist the main virtual classifications.

Note that there are two groupings for each virtual betting game; computer runs events and others from top providers in the electronic gaming industry which are played by real gamers.

virtual betting

The latter is less complicated, predictable and can be analyzed hence not entirely a gamble for you. Here are is a list of different leagues you are likely to come across in most bookmakers;

  1. Football
  2. Tennis
  3. Greyhound racing
  4. Dog racing

As you can see, the leagues and games are limited, unlike the bigger sports market. However, their bet types present many options from which one can make a selection. The main bet types are;

  1. 3 way
  2. Both teams to score
  3. Double chance
  4. Number of goals
  5. Draw no bet
  6. The exact number of goals
  7. Half time results

Basically, these are just similar to what you find in the usual sports categories. Interestingly, the above seven are the most predictable ones, and hence you can be assured of no difficulties when booking your ticket based on them

Things to Consider

Before setting off to explore any business opening, there are risks and opportunities you need to check on. According to top sports and forex analysts, you need to investigate the market as well as providers of these services.

Therefore, there is no point of blindly getting yourself involved. Yet, you know that you can lose significantly in a day or within minutes. For a perfect venture, start off by having these considerations on how to beat virtual football betting in mind or jotting them down for future reference;

  1. Familiarize yourself with the wagering options and avoid betting on bet types you have no idea about
  2. Maintain a constant stake. This should also involve an amount you can lose without feeling a lot of pain.
  3. Make sure that you are in the right state of mind to avoid losses associated with external shocks
  4. Take time off the noise. Avoid the constant playing of these kenya virtual betting leagues and take some time off for your brain to settle
  5. The last tip, do not chase your losses. Most typical gamblers tend to even double their stakes in the effort of recovering, and it is not a good idea

Top Virtual Football Betting Secrets

Once you try to lookup for these, you are ideally going to come across a virtual football betting strategy and mentorship programs from blogs.

But the first secret for you is that virtual betting has no gurus and relying on some expert may be profiting as much as it may be a nightmare.

Therefore, for you to play this and come out of it successfully, you will need to learn every single detail and make sure that you can foretell where the algorithm will settle in the next 3 minutes. Here are some exclusive virtual betting secrets you need to keep in mind;

  1. Do not put your money in it until you can tell the result before betting
  2. Avoid investing big in any event no matter how sure you are of the outcome
  3. Minimize on the selections per wager. If possible target single bets and in the accumulator cases keep your stakes low
  4. Understand that it is a matter of believing that the algorithm will settle at a certain point
  5. Virtual game prediction is way easier than casinos
  6. Make sure you understand the form of each team in its real-life setting since they are all related
  7. Do not use results of more than a week ago to perceive potential outcomes

Virtual sports betting sites in Kenya in 2020

Now the choosing of appropriate bookies is where most punters get it all wrong. The bookie selection criterion must consider odds quality in each, variety of events and a couple other things.

However, in the selected case, you will not need to rush all over the internet since we have availed the best for you. Here is an overview of Kenyan betting sites with virtual sports.


1xbet offers the most significant fantasy betting opportunities compared to most of the local bookies we got in the country.

virtual sport 22bet

Their selection is perfect and comes with an excellent odd package whereby playing them single proves to be more profitable. Apart from availing these avenues for investment purposes, this company also ensures that there is an HD display for each hence making it an entertaining course.

You will also have an opportunity to practice using the demo view; thus, they are great for absolute beginners as well as the experts. For more details, visit Betway Kenya virtual betting window to get entertained and earn some money.


After the regulations punch on most Kenyan bookmakers, this company took over the mantle and has ended up being the best performing company so far. They offer a virtual market in football only, and their games are a little bit more predictable. There is also a betika league in addition to the regular virtual opening hence purpose to give it a try

Betway virtual

On this global firm, you will find the best quality in odds and also an opportunity to win big. The fantasy betting avenues for betway are a bit tricky since they involve Esports games which are more improved versions and they are played by real people. Play in any of these;

  • LOL
  • Dota 2
  • Counter-strike
  • Rainbow six
  • Overwatch
  • Hearthstone

Other companies offering virtual games online betting in Kenya are;

  • Odibets

virtual sport odibets

  • Game mania
  • Mcheza

virtual sport mcheza

  • Betlion

virtual sport betlion


These are the most played in Kenya, and they are simple and easy to go by.

Catch the action for fun and also make some coins out of your leisure time watching multiple simulations of your favourite team.


What are virtual sports?

Computer simulated events

What sports are there?

Football, horses, dog racing, etc

Is betting on virtual legal?


Why am I not able to bet in-play on this market?

Not allowed


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