This review has tackled the different SportPesa Jackpot and mega jackpot betting methods that’s via SMS and on SportPesa website as well as the special SportPesa Jackpot and mega jackpot double combinations feature. The Jackpot double combination feature was introduced by SportPesa to make multiple jackpot betting of two Jackpots simultaneously possible. SportPesa Jackpot always causes enthusiasm amongst Kenyans. Actually, SportPesa Jackpot and SportPesa mega Jackpot are the most popular SportPesa markets in Kenya’s betting industry. Most punters enrolling into betting recently are driven by the SportPesa Jackpot’s feature. Almost every gambler in Kenya’s betting industry can agree that they have at once tried the SportPesa Jackpot or MegaJackpot. Everybody wishes to be named the next SportPesa Jackpot winner, however as a gambler do you know how to bet the SportPesa Jackpot? Can you make a SportPesa Jackpot or SportPesa mega Jackpot slip with the double combination? The most followed Kenyan Jackpot market is the weekly Jackpot also known as SportPesa megaJackpot whose cash prize commences at Ksh.100000000 and second most followed is the normal SportPesa Jackpot popularly known by punters as midweek Jackpot and its cash prize starts at Ksh.10000000. The two SportPesa Jackpots are not fixed as their amounts progress every week whenever we don’t have a winner of the Jackpot. SportPesa Jackpot and SportPesa mega Jackpot markets have been having at least one winner within every three months. An average of 700,000 SportPesa users bet on the SportPesa Jackpot and the SportPesa mega Jackpot every week although only a couple of them manage to hit the full prize or the bonuses per week.


SportPesa mega Jackpot is the most popular SportPesa and Kenyan Jackpot market in the Kenya betting industry. The SportPesa mega Jackpot is a weekly SportPesa Jackpot with 17 pre-selected games that usually play on the weekend. One can bet on the SportPesa mega Jackpot via SMS or at the SportPesa website. Via SMS, one can place their mega Jackpot bet by sending the SMS to 79079 “MJP” followed by “#” then the 17 predictions of the pre-selected games. Online SportPesa mega Jackpot betting entails one selecting their predictions by clicking on the team that’s just in the same way of normal betting and the selection automatically reflects in a bet slip; on which the punter should select the “Place Bet” button and clicks “OK” to confirm their betting intentions. In betting the SportPesa mega Jackpot, one does not need to specify the bet amount as it is Ksh.100 by default.


Double Combination bet on SportPesa Mega Jackpot (MJP) makes it easier to make multiple bets at once instead of repeating the same process many times if one wants to place more than one SportPesa mega Jackpot bet via SMS. This is by the SportPesa user placing a bet with two predictions on a single game, on up to 7 games from the listed 17 MJP games in one bet. For instance, if you wish to place a bet of 2 predictions on 3 MJP games, you will have placed 8 SportPesa mega Jackpot bets in total, that’s 2*2*2=8 SportPesa mega Jackpot bets. For example in the double combination bet MJP#1#1X #2#12#2#X#X#X#X#1#1#2X#1#1#1#X#1, the two SportPesa mega Jackpot predictions are on the second, fourth and twelfth game. That’s the 1X, 12 and 2X combinations.


The Midweek SportPesa Jackpot is the normal SportPesa Jackpot whose cash prize commences at KSH 10,000,000 and the amount progresses every week whenever we don’t have a winner. Just like the SportPesa mega Jackpot, the SportPesa midweek Jackpot can be bet on using the SMS or online on the official SportPesa website at the SportPesa Jackpot page To place SportPesa Jackpot via SMS, SportPesa users are required to send the text SMS to 79079 “JP” followed by “#” then the 13 predictions of the pre-selected Jackpot games; that’s an SMS of the format JP#12121XX1212X1. SportPesa midweek Jackpot bonuses are awarded for 10, 11, and 12 correct predictions.


Just like in the SportPesa mega Jackpot case, midweek mega Jackpot double combination makes it easier to make multiple bets at once instead of repeating the same sequence many times if you wish to place more than one Jackpot bets via SMS. Thus the SportPesa midweek Jackpot allows SportPesa users to place a bet with two predictions on a single game, on up to 7 games from the listed 13 Jackpot games in one bet. The midweek Jackpot double combination is usually placed in the format JP#1X#X#2#12#2#X#X#X#X#1#1#2X#1 where the 2 predictions are on the first, fourth and twelfth game.


SportPesa Jackpot winners are announced once the bettor’s predictions match the total preselected matches or the required number of events for bonus acquisition. The latest SportPesa winner who may be the last person to take home the prize in 2018 was a lady who managed to get 14 predictions right thus hitting a bonus of Ksh.650, 499. The mega Jackpot seemed easy in this particular week as there were two more SportPesa Jackpot bonus winners; one made 13 correct predictions thus earning Ksh.115, 801 and the other winner took home Ksh.25, 698 after making 12 correct predictions.


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