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Eazibet login Kenya

Here is a thorough analysis of Eazibet login and a few other gambling resources that may be of interest to you from this bookie.

This is one of the bookies making it to the top quality sites’ list we have in the country. It may not be so popular, but their services, offers, markets and many other aspects match what every serious bettor would go for.

eazibet login

What brings us to online gambling platforms? That should be winning, and being able to make extra money to sort out our bills at ease. But it will never be attained without us choosing the right bookie. Our description of a good bookmaker is; a betting site that provides adequate markets, a variety of promotional and bonus offers, and one that can pay.

With this company, you will definitely get paid and take home a variety of gifts as they always make an effort to reward their users. Our overall view is that this bookie is an average site, quite hit by the new regulations in the country and thus, at times, you will have to bear with system errors.

However, all is not put into a halt since Eazibet mobile login still exists, and Kenyan players are free to create new accounts as well as place bets decently.

The necessary account access procedure should be undertaken in this manner;

  1. Find their website through your phone browser or via a desktop device here
  2. Locate the sign in button, which should be traceable on your front page of their desktop website or at the menu button on Eazibet mobile.
  3. Enter your phone number and password
  4. Proceed to access your profile

The good news is that there is a more natural way of accessing your bookie;

  1. Find the login pane here
  2. Enter your details as per the availed fields respectively
  3. Click the arrow-like sign and proceed to your bookie wallet
  4. Now place bets and win as much as you can

Eazibet registration of a new account

Since there is no app authenticated by this company, we shall have a guide on how to register here, on phone and desktop site.

eazibet registration

Eazibet Mobile registration

  1. Visit the bookmaker domain using your phone. It doesn’t matter whether on iOS, Android or any other device type. Just search Eazibet on your browser to access the website
  2. On the home page, you should see a menu button on the top left
  3. Use the menu button to find the registration button
  4. Just below the sign up button, click on “Sign up Now.”
  5. Select your country; as you can see, this bookie is everywhere and thus well established globally
  6. Proceed to enter all other details accordingly
  7. After filling your information, hit the “Complete Registration” button, and you will immediately be assigned an account.

Join on desktop site

  1. At the homepage, locate the “Sign up now” option at the top bar
  2. Proceed to click it
  3. The registration pane will pop up on your screen
  4. Fill in your details as requested
  5. Agree to their terms and conditions by ticking the box before the “Complete Registration” button
  6. Submit the application and get an account allocated to your profile instantly

Customized registration: Most recommended approach

This should lighten your work as it is just a two-step process; you will also be eligible for Ksh.1000 after enrolling.

It grants you direct access to the registration form, and you will not need to go through so many navigations.

  1. To use our authentic link click here
  2. Fill in the details requested on the form
  3. Submit and own your fresh accounts; now proceed to claim your gift

Eazibet login Kenya on mobile phone

Betting via phone devices is the most prominent means used by punters in the country to access this oddsetter’s platforms.

Therefore having an illustration on how to access your account on smartphones is critical for the fresh bettors in the market. This should be simple to follow directly from this page:

  1. Access the form here
  2. Enter your details; these should be the username, and password
  3. Submit to get access

Straight from the mobile login platform:

  1. Visit their website on your phone browser
  2. Click the menu button
  3. You should see the fields to fill
  4. Enter the details and proceed by clicking the arrow-like symbol.

How to make a first deposit and start playing from your account

Now being able to register your account and even log in to access all Eazi resources unlimitedly, you must be eager to place your first bet.

eazibet deposit

You need to make a deposit through Mpesa and place wagers, which should guarantee your winning ways; hence be careful not to end up with a clumsy beginning.

To make the first deposit:

  1. Step 1: Visit mPesa menu from your Sim Toolkit
  2. Step 2: Choose Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Step 3: pay bill
  4. Step 4: Enter the business number, which is the ezibet paybill number: 290029
  5. Step 5: Leave the account number blank
  6. Step 6: Specify amount
  7. Step 7: Enter your Mpesa pin and send the request

Placing wagers: To bet on their sites, you need to find their website, search the event you are looking forward to predicting on and select your pick by clicking the prediction.

All selections should be added to a bet slip, where the user is required to specify their stake and book a ticket by placing the wager.

How to Login Eazibet if You Forgot Your Password

You might have taken some time off the gambling grid or just forgotten your password out of its complexity or because of other reasons.

However, forgetting your password shouldn’t troublesome, so don’t worry. To recover the password and continue betting, here is what you need to do:

  1. Simply click “Recover password,” and you will be taken to the bookie’s password recovery pane
  2. Alternatively, access the login pane using any of the given links and procedures above
  3. You should see a “Forgot PIN?” text; click it
  4. In the reset pin popup, you can see that they need you to SMS “PIN” to 29022



How do I register?

Find the joining form here, fill your details and submit

Who can register?

Any Kenyan above the age of 18

Does it cost anything to register an account?

Registration is absolutely free

Can I have more than one account?

Yes, but not recommended as it is against their rules

Can I place bets through my wife’s / friend’s / brother’s account?

The account is personal hence use your account

Do you have a betting shop I can visit?

All shops in Kenya are currently locked


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