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Betway Login and registration

With online betting endeavors, one can spend years without getting the right bookie that would guarantee their success. That is always the case, especially in highly competitive markets like in Kenya and thus be keen to pick your bookie.

It is a great bookie, operating globally and availing its services in the country for the overall benefit of the average punter. This company operates a mobile version and a desktop site, with all portraying the best of qualities and performance.

Therefore, any users accessing the Betway Kenya log in feature or the joining function enjoys a variety of platforms through which to access the functionality. These two operations are completely free of charge, and users are even rewarded for joining, which makes it quite an appealing firm to rely on.

First, if you would wish to get details on the owners of the company and their authenticated capacity to operate in Kenya, note that they are owned by Bluejay Limited.

Additionally, even before accessing bet way log in, you are at liberty to scroll through their site to the bottom and find some great football clubs and leagues they sponsor. Some are Levante, Spanish Deportivo Alaves, and the English Westham.

Find Betway login Kenya features on mobile site, their apps, using direct links or via the desktop versions using the following procedure;

Betway Mobile login:

  1. Find the bookie website here
  2. At the top of this site, there is the Betway account login button
  3. Click it and head to the access pane
  4. Enter your phone number and password to find your way into your wallet

Desktop site Betway Kenya login my account:

  1. Using your PC or desktop computer click here
  2. In the top-right position, you should see the phone and password entry fields
  3. Insert the details and click the Login Button

Log in Betway through the apk

This should be useful for android and iOS device owners since the icon layout, and most of the display aspects match. Proceed as per the following steps:

  1. You can first click here to download the application
  2. Move on to our Betway app guide and follow the procedure
  3. Open the apk
  4. Locate the Betway log in Kenya button at the top bar and press it
  5. Enter your details (phone and password)
  6. Complete the bet way Kenya login task

Login Betway via our unique link

Get access to highly boosted odds using our customized and authentic procedure. This is the only approach that will guarantee direct login without having to download an app or navigate any other domain to enter your account.

  1. Click here
  2. You will be redirected to bet way Kenya log in
  3. Provide the requested details
  4. And that way, you will have the Betway login my account access

Betway Sign Up Step by Step

Users of this oddsetter’s resources understand the necessity of having a profile with this bookie. They are here to make everyone a winner and also build our community through their sponsorship initiatives.

Unlike the ancient times when betting was all rounded around a boring structure of stake and win, then incur massive transaction costs, this company makes it affordable and rewarding. Why should you sign up with Betway, Kenya?

Mainly the offers, in addition to their other explicit functionalities, this bookmaker makes your everyday wagering supplemented. There is always an offer coming your way from the point of Betway register to the level of becoming a proficient bettor.

Previously, for you to create an account, you would need a smartphone and a good internet connection. But being a convenient firm, they have introduced the SMS unique code; 29029.

By sending a text to this code, you can join, place bets, withdraw, and conduct a couple other operations without needing intensive technology.

Betway registration Kenya by Phone:

  1. Get access of Betway sign up on mobile here
  2. At the top right, there is a Signup button
  3. Click the button in step two above
  4. Fill in the details at level one, as described in each field. For instance, the usernames should be as they appear in your national ID. Also, set a secure password, enter the number to register, and finally supply the Signup promo Code XXX for free welcome gifts.
  5. Click the next button and proceed to the second form
  6. In step two, you should type your ID and address. This is meant to make sure that the user is 18+ years old.
  7. Complete by hitting the Register button and proceed to claim the 50% new account reward

Desktop enrolment

  1. Using your computer, click here
  2. Step one should redirect you to the desktop site
  3. Next, move to the top right point of the pane, locate the Signup icon
  4. Click it and enter the account verification details for the first form
  5. Afterward hit the next button and proceed to enter your national ID number and address
  6. Complete your enrollment

App sign up

  1. Download the app here
  2. Install your application and launch it on your device
  3. Locate the Signup icon at the top of the application’s homepage
  4. Enter details required in the first pane; Mobile no, password, email, names as per your national ID, and the promo code XXX
  5. Click the next button and proceed to pane two; key in your national ID number and address
  6. Complete your Sign up procedure

Sign up through our special links

To quickly get the welcome gift, use this approach, and make sure to apply the coupon code XXX to sill your chances of taking home more gifts.

  1. Click here (you will be taken to the joining window)
  2. Enter details in step one and two
  3. Submit application
  4. Proceed to claim your 50% reward on the first deposit you make

For SMS registration, send “Accept” to 29029

From the approaches, you will note that all these platforms have a similar layout, and thus it should be comfortable no matter the device type you are on.

Betway Sign Up Bonus

Being an outstanding bookie in the country, we expect such rewards to be massive for their new users. The welcome token serves you right as it ushers you into the gaming world of their bookmaker’s platforms.

This is awarded to participants compliant to the terms and in the form of a free bet. It is 50% of your deposit to a new account, and one can win up to 5000KES. To access the offer:

  1. Click here and create account
  2. Place wagers on sports and jackpot equal 3 times the value of your first payment to the bookie wallet. The slips must be of 3+ odds, and this offer cannot be rewarded on virtual or casino participation
  3. For one to get this offer, they have to meet the play through terms in step 2 above, and that must be within 30 days after registration.

Betway Plus Loyalty Scheme

It would feel adorable to get recognized by your host company and hit some gifts or relieves off the regular wager expenditures.

This bookie avails a loyalty program featuring users with a losing streak to encourage them to play more and award them a chance to be winners once more.

How Does Betway Plus Work?

They have been working around the clock to make sure that all customers who are having a hard time getting predictions right, get back to their winning ways.

This amount is credited in the bettor’s company account; under the free bet section. This is how the free bet works:

  1. It can only be used to place bets and not withdrawal operations
  2. The offer is considered void in 180 days
  3. The entire amount awarded as a free bet must be placed under a single slip; the slip can be single bets, or multi
  4. If one of your free bet selections is not settled, the free bet amount gets credited back
  5. After winning, making withdrawal means that you lose all other monies under your free bet locker
  6. Finally, to watch your account for this free bet, click here

Betway Plus Terms

Some rules which accompany the plus offer in addition to the stated terms of its working entail:

  1. The winning from free bets will be checked for any fishy or irregular patterns
  2. You only receive the won amount; That means that if for instance you placed a free bet of Ksh.50 and won 500 KES, the payout will be Ksh.450
  3. A free bet cannot be refunded once you use it
  4. The highest possible amount to be gained from free bets is 30000KES

Betway Account Deposit

There are enough deposit approaches that entail; MPesa, Airtel Money, and visa (credit/debit) cards.

The most used method is the MPesa pay bill which takes the following approach:

  • Access Lipa Na Mpesa
  • Click the Pay bill option
  • Enter the Business Number: 880185
  • Leave the Account number blank
  • Transaction amount
  • Supply pin
  • Submit request

Users can also use the Betway Kenya login my account to access the online payment method. This procedure requires one to specify amount only, and an MPesa pin request will pop up in their phones for them to finalize.

Verify your account easily with this bookie

To verify your account, the bookmaker expects that you provide your personal data accurately and enter the national ID card number.

This is going to help the bookie sieve away younger users who are betting while not of the right age; it is in the effort to meet the government’s age limit. After verification, visit my Betway account section to see if an account number has been allocated.

Account verification Process

During sign up, provide the correct details, and you will have my account Betway Kenya function authenticated immediately. This implies that you need to give the names as they are in the ID card, and also provide your ID number.

If you submit the wrong details, you may not be able to collect your winnings on jackpots or conduct big-money transfer to the bank.

Suspension from accessing the bookie

Users rarely get their Betway Kenya login account closed. Still, if there are suspected cases of fraud, money laundering, or attempts to go against the company rules, they will definitely get you blocked.

You can also voluntarily close your account by contacting their support team, after which you will not be able to find the Betway login my account page.


How can I deposit/withdraw money?

Users are authorized to use bank cards, Mpesa and Airtel Money

Is my money safe in this company?

This is a safe, secure and reliable bookie

What happens if I do not access Betway Kenya login my account for some time?

Nothing happens

Where can I access the mobile Betway login buttons?

On the mobile site or app front page (at the top)


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