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BetKing Kenya Sports Betting Review

Many bookmakers abound in Kenya, especially in this age when online oddsmaking has gone nuclear. Each day, new entrants join the abundance of existing online oddsmaking outfits to provide a variety of punting services thru their various digital punting platforms. However, bet king joined the fray and added up to the number.


Furthermore, our focus herein is to examine the activities this new sportsbook in Kenya, and render a penetrative assessment so that gamesters in Kenya could be better informed about such outfit, and know what they stand to achieve both on the short and long run, by being registered gamblers on their platform.


As custom demands, several standard frameworks serve as appraisal guides while assessing the capacity and capability of any gambling outfit, either digital or offline. Notwithstanding, we’ve outlined each framework as sub-topics for better comprehension of our ardent readers in order to convoke different aspects that capacitates the smooth running of Betking Kenya.

Before we delve into the main business of the day, a concise introduction is necessary. The entrance of this corporate gambling entity sparked some controversy when it was made public that Betking is the new official sponsor of Kenya’s top-tier football league. The worth of this sponsorship deal gulped a whooping 12 billion Kenyan Shillings; an unprecedented sum compared to other deals.

The company has Nigerian roots, but licensed to operate in Kenya by its betting regulatory board. The parent corporate entity of the punting enterprise is under the aegis of King Makers.

Registration process

Signing-up for a user profile on king bet platform follows a simplified order.  The Kenyan staker has to enter the sportsbook’s web domain to locate/click-to-open the blue REGISTER NOW bar positioned on the topmost right section of bookie’s main menu.

betking registration

After tapping the enrolment tab as shown in the pictorial representation above, the staker is redirected to an electronic enrolment form, wherein details such as valid smartphone number, and password are entered, then follows ticking to affirm the availability of earned promocode, checking a tiny box to consent to receiving info from betking Kenya; before finally, checking the last tiny box to consent to age, bookie’s privacy policy and terms and conditions before submission of the form.

betking register

Deposits and Withdrawals options

Monetary transactions keep the essence of staking alive within any gambling system. However, the challenge facing stakers is usually how/where to locate the financial services that aid deposits and payouts. Therefore, on king bet you’d have to move to the lowest limits of the oddsmaker’s homepage to find/open the DEPOSIT web link. When opened, a complete step-wise directive for making seamless cash lodgements is what you’re faced with.

Regrettably, there’s only one payment solution adapted for cash lodgements, which is by means of MPESA mobile solution. This involves navigating to your smartphone’s MPESA menu where the staker is to choose LIPA NA MPESA, before entering sportsbook’s allotted business number – 290690, plus account number – betking; followed by determined amount to be pushed into your user account. You’d have to enter MPESA pin before consenting to request confirmation. Then, you’d obtain text message from both bookie and MPESA system affirming a successful transaction.

betking deposit

Contrariwise, Kenyan stakers can request the payout of their winnings thru any of the three options enabled under payout solutions. Therefore, on king bet the Kenyan staker should navigate to the lowest limits of oddsmaker’s homepage to find/open the DEPOSIT web link. When opened, a complete step-wise directive for making seamless payout of winnings thru three options. Note: you have to tap the DEPOSIT web link, because once you open it, you’d find Withdrawals. There’s no specific withdrawals tab.

betking withdrawals

bet king makes provisions for swift and comfy options, which are; via bookie’s home domain, or text message, and by means of unstructured supplementary service data (quick codes format).

Payout thru sportsbook’s website

To request your winnings’ payout, open bookie’s web domain to sign-in into your user profile with your smartphone line and password. Once done, navigate to/tap the MY ACCOUNT segment located topmost of the right section; then choose WITHDRAWAL from the list, subsequently, input the sum targeted for payout and tap PROCEED. Shortly afterwards, you’d be informed by MPESA and the mobile service provider, Airtel Money as soon as the payout request is processed.

Payout thru Text Messaging

Payout by means of text messaging is a wonderfully innovative option for Kenya stakers. It works like magic. On betking, all that’s needed to be done is just dispatching a payout code to 290070. This practically implies, typing this code as text message: W#5000 to 29070 – W means withdraw, # follows amount, 5000 means desired payout sum. So, after withdrawal is successful, a text message is sent to the staker informing him/her of payout being lodged into their user MPESA account.

betking paybill number

Payout by means of Quick Codes Format (USSD)

Using this means is applicable to mobile users also. What needs to be done is just pressing the format for USSD – *375# – thru your registered and valid mobile phone line attached to your king bet profile during enrolment. Then, try following the instructions that appear on your smartphone screen:

Choose WITHDRAW, and then click SEND. When redirected to another screen page insert desired payout sum before hitting SEND. Afterwards, input your user password and hit the SEND tab. After all these processes, you’d obtain text message informing of successfully lodgement of payout cash into your MPESA user account.

Welcome Bonus for Kenyan Bet King Bettors

It’s a surprise to discover about the non-availability of welcome bonus on this platform. This is indeed one of the greatest turn offs of that Kenyan stakers dislike. However, there is a promotional offer on betking Kenya which we shall elaborate on below.

Betking Registration

Sportsbook promotions

Poorly enough, only one type of bonus is available on the platform, the 225% Jumbo Bonus. Kenya stakers can receive about 225% when they make stakes while wagering on the platform. However, this bonus is up for grabs when your wager possesses 5 or more chosen bets if each of them has odds of about 1.20 and above.

However, the sum attached to each jumbo bonus reflects the summation of chosen wagers on the betslip. To give an insightful rundown, follow this: 5 chosen games on the betslip = 5%, 6 chosen games = 10%, 7 = 15%, and so on till you add more games that would equal 225%. Remember that on betking Kenya, all games must bear odds of 1.20 and above.

betking promotions

To utilise this bonus for your staking advantage, you have to find the web link that leads to it. However, navigate to the ads dashboard on the homepage, and wait patiently as ads flip over in quick succession, you’d definitely find the specific ad for the bonus and then tap it.

Pre-match offer BetKing Kenya

Relating pre-game offers, what we can attest to is that odds spread across multiple sporting and non-sporting events scheduled for staking are completely bankable. Normally, as it’s obtainable on other gaming platforms, odds attached to pre-game offers or events are usually preset and cost-effective. However, on betking Kenya, we discovered that stakes made on winning legs (X – draws, and 2 – away team) are more beneficial for stakers.

betking odds

To illustrate, you’d find odds at modest lows pegged on 1.40 on stakes for away teams (2), odds as high as 8.20 on either stakes for draws (X) or away teams (2) on bet king.

Live offers

Live offers as the heading implies talks about live or in-play offers or gaming events. It’s a remarkable phenomenon to behold because every observant staker would see clearly how odds attached to diverse events keep changing intermittently in accordance with the goings-on in each event at the moment.

betking live

The truth is that this aspect of gaming requires sharp wit, and mastering the art of timing due to the dynamic nature of odds. Odds are normally higher on the part of a weaker team, so the implication being that any professional staker would have to get his/her betking prediction right to cash in on big wins. This being said, you can find an animated presentation of your chosen live event situated on the top right corner just below the main menu.


There’s no digital gaming platform that exists today without having a well-planned security due to huge implications that would eventually follow in the event of a cyber attack like hacking and phishing. The amount of financial transactions that go on on betking calls for water-tight security measures to thwart unforeseen security glitches. Also, safety of client data is equally of great importance.

Nevertheless, there is no mention of the oddsmaker’s security architecture anywhere on the site for reasons that shouldn’t be made know to the public. For us, it’s the well thought out, and credible.

Service and Customer Support

In the real sense, it’s expected that issues will surely arise as a result of bet-staking activities on the platform. This informed the knowledge of king bet managers to device several channels dedicated to receiving staker’s queries, complains, technical, and other issues alike so that they can be resolved in real time.  The right spot to find the CONTACT US web link is at the lowest point on the webpage.

betking support

These channels are just customary means of communication adopted by other platforms, ranging from electronic mail (, to busy call centre service line (020 7762 000), to on-page livechat service, to social media handles vis-a-vis Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Design and Operability

The structure and build of a digital gaming site affects its navigation and function. Usually, gaming platforms have their traditional colour marks that make them distinct from others; it’s like marking territory. However, the entire betking Kenya is embellished with a bright blue colour which illuminates from the background to lit up every built-in feature and function on the platform. Also, the use of yellow in the mix expresses superb markings for distinguishing different web links especially on the main menu. Yellow is used to mark on-site features like quickbet, smartbet, verify coupon, sports menu, and sports markets to mention but a few.

betking web

Bookie’s site design is sectionalised into 5 distinct segments which aids ease of on-site navigation and intra-feature traversing whether using desktop or mobile phone. You can find the sports market segment on the extreme left, the main menu is the upper most site feature, while the left segment of the site bears betslip, smartbet, quick bet and other features necessary for bet-staking. The central segment of king bet’s web domain bears the main central betting area which tapers down the homepage where other on-site web links are domiciled.

Mobile BetKing

When it comes to staking bets by means of mobile phones, something unfortunate really happened. Curious? You shouldn’t be because; bookie hasn’t yet built dedicated smartphone apps for bet-staking. However, betking Kenya can be accessed on smartphones thru its mobile web domain.

betking mobile

This means that you have no need to download any app or do anything else than enter the site, and login to continue staking on your favourite events. Note: every betting tool is available on its mobile betting app. See the pictorial representation below.

Our Summary on Betking

In conclusion therefore, we wish to make the following observations known. Betking Kenya has one of the best betting odds for both pre-game and in-play offers, especially on football events. There are several betting features that abound on the platform which is remarkable given the fact that it’s a new bookie.

Betking website

The sports markets available are tremendous and absolutely beneficial in giving stakers multiple choices to make profits while gaming.


What’s the least and highest possible number of game selections can you stake per betslip?

1 is the least possible number; while 40 is the highest possible number.

What’s the account signing-up process like?

You should enter bookie’s website to find/click the REGISTER NOW tab to start off the process.

How much is the lowest and highest possible betting sums per game?

However, the minimum betting sum is pegged on 50 Kenyan Shillings; but there's no cap for highest possible betting sum.


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