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Best Kenyan betting sites

In the last two decades the online market has taken a great leap from absolutely nothing to absolutely everything. An ordinary Kenyan upcountry can access what a corporate officer can from an office in the Central Business District. Thanks to the fast evolution of the smart phone, anything that can load in a computer can almost load in one. This incredible translation has also improved online betting in a big way. Sites are taking advantage of this evolution. For example, information needed to make betting decisions, like news updates on teams, players and sports are surprisingly new built-in features seen in this betting sites. Statistics, live-streaming of games, analyses, insights and tips are also adopted to increase the client-betting site affinity. Another Kenyan unique betting feature every betting site is adopting, thanks to our unique mobile money transfer is SMS betting. No banks are required In either online or offline transactions, and transfer is therefore instant .As we promised we shall line up the top five Kenyan sites that have mastered this tricks and therefore managed to come out above the rest.

Here are the top websites


Biggest and Best Market

Best Odds in Kenya

Multiple Huge Jackpots

100% Bonus on 1st Deposit

Best Live-Betting

SMS Betting

Casino (Slots, Lotto, Live Casino)

Paybill Numbers

Safaricom – 290027

Airtel – 1xbet



Good Odds

Best Live-Betting

SMS Betting

Paybill Numbers

mPesa –

Airtel –



Advantage :  Free tips and predictions, free jackpot,
sports betting tutorial, epic prizes, real odds

Paybill Numbers

Its FREE , no deposit required


Overall Best Sports Betting Site in Kenya

Reason – Best Odds and Biggest Jackpot

Paybill Numbers

Safaricom – 955100 or 955700


Orange – 079 079


100% Bonus on 1st deposit up to 1BTC
Huge Jackpot
Best Odds
Big choice of cryptocurrency

Paybill Numbers


Has the Best Markets on Offer

Paybill Numbers

Safaricom – 997270


Most Football Bets Online

Paybill Numbers

Safaricom – 880185


Great Live-Betting Experience

Bonus: Free SH25 bet

Paybill Numbers

Safaricom – 290020


Best for SMS Betting

Paybill Numbers

Safaricom – 295525

Live Betting

Live betting is a feature in some of the betting bookmakers that enables you to bet on sporting events as they happen in real time. In particular, the odds in this type of bet continue to change as the game unfolds.  If a team is leading their odds are expected to reduce with time as their chances of winning the game are higher. The team lagging behind is likely to experience a rise in its odds of winning the game.

Live betting also provides the user with notifications of real time events such as red and yellow cards which may also affect play a key role in determining the odds of the game. For instance, a team with a red card is likely to struggle to win or hold on to a win. The odds in live betting are also dependent on time. The odds given to the leading team gradually decrease as the game nears full time, while those of the losing team also increase as the time approaches full time. Live betting is one of the safest ways to bet as it provides you with the chance of analyzing the game slowly in real time.

What you Need to Consider When Choosing a Bookmaker/ Betting Site

The first step of making money through sports betting is choosing the right bookmaker to match your needs. Currently, in Kenya, there are innumerable options that one can choose from, but before you choose a bookmaker it is important to consider the following:

  1. Quality of odds

The objective of betting is to win more money than the amount you have staked.  Different betting sites have different odds on offer. Thus it is important for you to take time and identify the bookmakers with the highest odds. In Kenya, for instance, Sportpesa and Betin often provide their users with relatively higher odds than the competition.

  1. Reputation

It is also very important for you to consider the reputation of the bookmaker you choose to work with – a bookmaker who is well established and has been around for a long time is more likely to have a good reputation than a newcomer. It is important for you to do some research to find out if the betting sites you are using has had past issues with customer service.

  1. Bonuses & Promotions

It is equally crucial to check on the bonuses and promotions that a bookmaker has before signing up with them. Most Kenyan bookmakers reward their clients with bonuses once they refer new customers. Bookmakers like Eazibet also offer their clients with a one time sign-up deposit bonus. Others like Elitebet and Sportpesa give bonuses to the clients who miss out on the jackpot prize by three games or less. It is, therefore, important for one to carefully consider the benefits that each bookmaker has on offer before making a choice.

  1. Minimum Deposits

Different betting sites have different amounts of minimum deposits that you can make. Betting sites like Elitebet allow you to stake with as little as Ksh.5 while other sites like Mcheza require a minimum of ksh.100 for you to place a wager. It is, therefore, important for you to keep this in mind, depending on the amount you expect to spend on each bet.

Helping you find the best betting site in Kenya

Sports, especially football has always been a darling to us Kenyans.  The passion we show for it and the dedication is completely unheard of. This passion made us blindly rush into betting sites when we learned we cannot only enjoy beautiful fixtures, we could also earn real money from them. In Kenya, the current trashy economy and such, additional money with less committing is a thing everyone dreams of. And so online betting has become almost like a culture in Kenya. The trending way of life notwithstanding gender and social status. Cyber cafes are flooded by fanatics and Supersports outlets are top filled with tensed football diehards. Analyzing sites are becoming really successful in the Web and so do sports statistics and results relaying sites. Some of us were never football fans but the hustle for money lured us into the culture. Too bad the same way the possibility of a win big is, so does that of a big loss. Many forget it’s gambling and wits and tips are as important an ingredient as is the access to the sites. With competent unbiased review we shall assist you in the quest for your best bookie match. Welcome to Kenyanbets.


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