BetWay Kenya is the betting site with the biggest Jackpot market in Kenya that’s taking into account the diversity of the Jackpots as well as the number of BetWay Jackpots availed for BetWay users to stake on. BetWay Jackpot results are announced once all the various BetWay Jackpots events have been settled and thus depending on the BetWay Jackpot market one played, BetWay users are able to earn relatively huge amounts of cash from small stakes. The leading Jackpot market in Kenya betting industry is the SportPesa Jackpot that’s due to the SportPesa mega jackpot and Jackpot bonuses which make it possible for SportPesa users to have a higher winning chance. Additionally, the SportPesa Jackpots are way too large however comparing SportPesa Jackpot to BetWay Jackpot, BetWay has invested a lot of funds in the Jackpot market than the Jackpot kingpin and it’s only that the BetWay Jackpot sum is fragmented to portions and thus seems relatively lower. One of the setbacks of BetWay Jackpot is that some of the BetWay Jackpot markets are really hard to play on and thus chances of winning the BetWay Jackpot remain relatively low. Additionally, BetWay Jackpot does not offer bonuses and the markets are difficult to interpret for most Kenyan bettors willing to bet on the BetWay Jackpot as we have features such as the syndicate’s available feature which is not clear.

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BetWay Jackpot has its benefits despite the setbacks as for one BetWay offers free Jackpot bets which are availed to BetWay users with free tokens. Accessing the BetWay Jackpot is easy, visit the BetWay official site and select the Jackpots button else to access the BetWay Jackpots page directly via
BetWay Jackpots market is categorized into three groupings which are:
⦁ All BetWay Jackpots. This category covers all BetWay Jackpots randomly without putting them into exclusive groups based on certain interests.
⦁ BetWay Jackpots starting soon. This BetWay Jackpot category holds a combination of BetWay Jackpot games which are kicking off in the course of the day. The Jackpots under this category may be listed in other BetWay Jackpot categories however in this section they are listed to show BetWay users the BetWay Jackpot games which will be closed in a few hours.
⦁ BetWay Kenya Big Jackpots. These are the BetWay Kenya Jackpots holding the highest amounts of money as the least BetWay Kenya Big Jackpots category starts at 20 million Kenya shillings. The other Jackpot categories cover low-profit amounts even as low as Ksh.90000 which is really low for Jackpot markets.
Looking into the history of BetWay Kenya Jackpots, there is hardly a winner frequently in BetWay Jackpots despite there being numerous BetWay Jackpot markets. Unlike SportPesa Jackpot, SportPesa mega jackpot, betin Jackpot and other Jackpots in the Kenya betting industry having their Jackpots and Jackpot bonuses being won almost every month, BetWay Kenya Jackpots seem hard to hit right; for instance consider the BetWay correct score Jackpot; it’s not possible to get it right in predicting the correct scores of three or more events.

BetWay Kenya Jackpot: BetWay Football – 1X2 Jackpot

The BetWay Football – 1X2 Jackpot has eight BetWay Jackpots under it that’s five Jackpots that requires BetWay users to predict on 5 events per Jackpot, one Jackpot with up to 8 selection and the two others allowing 13 and 15 events respectively.

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The BetWay Jackpot possible win varies depending on the number of picks and the BetWay Football – 1X2 Jackpot market as the name suggest allows BetWay users to choose between three options that are home team win(1), away team win(2) or both teams draw(X).

BetWay Kenya Jackpot: BetWay correct score Jackpot

The BetWay correct score Jackpot covers six markets with the market with the least events having three matches which BetWay users are expected to predict their score outcomes.

The BetWay Jackpots team picks several world class football leagues which are used exclusively in some of the markets while other BetWay correct score Jackpot markets entail BetWay Jackpot matches selected randomly. The BetWay correct score Jackpot market has never been hit by any BetWay user since its launch as it requires pro members with unmatched instincts to predict correct scores of even a single match. The possible win under the BetWay correct score Jackpot varies and is directly proportional to a number of picks and nature of the matches.

BetWay Kenya Jackpot: BetWay Jackpot on Goals

There are two markets covering the BetWay goals Jackpot and that’s over/under 2.5 and both teams to score BetWay Jackpots.


These markets contain up to 10 events per market and they are the simplest to predict of all the BetWay Jackpots.

BetWay Kenya Jackpot: Comments

The BetWay Big Jackpots market covers 4 markets and the market with the largest possible win is the English premier league correct score market. The other three BetWay Big Jackpot markets are; BetWay 1X2 markets with 13 and 15 selections and finally the Asian Handicap Rollover BetWay Jackpot with 20 picks.

To play any BetWay Jackpot, select your pick by clicking on your selected game just as it is in normal sports betting. Then proceed to click on place bet icon under the automatically generated betslip upon making the selections.

BetWay Kenya Jackpot: Conclusion

BetWay Jackpot although not very well promoted, it holds some of the easiest Jackpot markets. However, generally, the BetWay Jackpot market is even in that there are easy and difficult Jackpots in equal proportions.


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