Sportpesa, a highly popular betting site in Africa and across the world at large, shuts all its operations in Kenya following the high tax rates charged by the government. Sportpesa, the once giant betting site in Kenya, is no more in the country as new betting sites take over Kenya’s betting market dominance. Although betting activities in the African country went on smoothly, after SportPesa was banned, their intensity is no longer felt as it was the case during the SportPesa mega-jackpot and jackpot times. There has not been a major grand prize win amongst the currently licensed betting site in Kenya since Sportpesa’s ban. A good number of gamblers settled for alternative livelihood means while a good number went on to get betting services from other betting sites. Sportpesa was banned entirely in Kenya, but they maintain a high level of relevance across the globe, considering that they have sponsored a giant English premier league club, Everton FC.

SportPesa banned in Kenya

Sportpesa had revamped betting activities in Kenya and shown unmatchable interest in growing the talents of youngsters willing to uplift their football careers. The bookmaker was the sponsor of Kenya Premier League, popularly known as the SportPesa League back in the days of Sportpesa’s reign over Kenya’s betting industry. Following the government’s order to have the betting industry cleaned and all tax evaders kicked out, SportPesa was halted from offering its betting services in Kenya. Fortunately, after months of waiting by SportPesa’s loyal customers and the company, the government managed to clear their license and SportPesa almost bounced back. With great anticipation, the Kenyan betting industry-leading betting site promised to shine new light upon its full return to operations. Unfortunately, after a week or two of consultation, the owners and other stakeholders felt that the tax rates are way too high. Therefore SportPesa announced its decision to entirely pull out from Kenya which was unexpected after their prolonged fight to get their license cleared.

Sportpesa Partners worldwide

Sportpesa, a young betting site in Kenya, had only ten employees back in 2014 as they fired their shot into the betting industry. Through hard work, commitment, resilience and quality service delivery, SportPesa has made it be amongst the recognized betting sites in the world. Sportpesa is rocking in the global betting market despite the current ups and downs the betting site has been through primarily upon its ban in one of its main center of operations, Kenya. Sportpesa remains relevant in the world betting market due to their attractive betting offers with their services still being offered in several other countries;

  1. SportPesa UK
  2. SportPesa South Africa
  3. SportPesa Tanzania
  4. SportPesa Italia, and the,
  5. SportPesa global.

SportPesa partners with the following football clubs and football leagues:

  1. Everton
  2. Hull city
  3. Simba sports club
  4. Cork city football club
  5. Laliga

Sportpesa banned from Kenya: Alternative betting sites to bet at Kenya


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