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UEFA Super Cup Winners: Liverpool Wins against Chelsea 5-4

Liverpool FC the unbearable!! From champions to legends and now the best in what is seen to be the toughest cup to clinch your hands on.

Traumatic times for frank Lampard as he loses the chance to fully redeem himself after last weekend’s thrash by Manchester United.

Despite giving Liverpool a hard time and having two goals canceled, dismissed as offside cases, Chelsea lost to Liverpool in UEFA Super Cup derby.

Chelsea manned the first period of the match with Oliver Giroud putting them up ahead of the Champions League winners, Liverpool at 36th minute.

Liverpool despite being the favorite team to win this match by 90th minute was unlucky to be forced into extra time by the Blues who played fiercely.

Sadio Mane gave Liverpool the winning after scoring two consecutive goals in the game. Mane scored Liverpool’s first goal which was Liverpool’s equalizer goal coming in at the 48th minute, benefitting from a pass by Firmino Roberto.

The match of its kind saw history replicate itself for Chelsea, having lost the Super cup way back in 2013 to Bayern Munich. In a similar manner, Chelsea drove Munich to extra time and then penalties where they still lost.

Jurgen Klopp banks his second cup with Liverpool in UEFA Super Cup game which was a highly exhausting match for all players in Liverpool vs Chelsea debut.

Liverpool Vs Chelsea

Liverpool takes its rightful place, the UEFA Super Cup Champions, after beating Chelsea 5-4 in penalty shootouts.

 In the match portraying intense pressure by both sides, Sadio Mane and Firmino give Liverpool an opportunity to lift the UEFA Super Cup 2019. Chelsea outperformed the Reds creating outstanding opportunities which were narrowly battled from their fit by Matip and Van Vjik, most active in Liverpool’s defense line.

Pulisic Christian and Giroud tried to demoralize the Reds by netting the first goal in this match. Unluckily Sadio Mane the Senegalese National, having been out of the first Liverpool’s game against Manchester City is back to his fitness and scored the equalizer goal just three minutes into the second half.

Liverpool being almost sure of taking the UEFA Super Cup mantle was treated to a rare surprise by Chelsea’s performance which missed their defeat by whiskers.

 Chelsea has redeemed itself after last weekend’s 4-0 loss at Old Trafford. Frank Lampard’s men showed great improvement in this match.

Willian was out while Ngolo Kante played to the 90th minute and extra time face off. Chelsea was to lose at the extra time if it were not for Abraham Tammy winning a penalty shot in the 100th minute. Abraham a 21 yrs old Chelsea forward player, came in as a substitute and was lucky winning the equalizer penalty. However, Abraham Tammy was unlucky to lose his penalty shot after Adrian’s save.

Other matches featuring Chelsea vs Liverpool are to come our way in the course of 2019/20 English Premier League campaigns.

Liverpool vs Chelsea Goal Scorers in regular time and extra time

  1. Oliver Giroud scored the first goal in the game at 36th minute, took advantage of Pulisic Christian’s pass.
  2. Sadio Mane scored an equalizer goal 48th minute, from a forced pass by Firmino
  3. Sadio Mane scored in 95th minute from an easy pass by Firmino
  4. Jorghino scored the equalizer penalty goal. Penalty won by Abraham Tammy after Liverpool’s goalkeeper committed a foul.

Liverpool vs Chelsea Goal Scorers in penalty shootouts

Liverpool’s penalties

  1. Firmino Roberto (Scored)
  2. Fabinho (Scored)
  3. Origi Divock (Scored)
  4. Alexander-Arnold (Scored)
  5. Salah Mohamed (Scored)

Chelsea’s penalty takers

  1. Jorginho (Scored)
  2. Barkley (Scored)
  3. Mount (Scored)
  4. Emerson (Scored)
  5. Abraham Tammy (Missed). Giving Liverpool the lead and the win as it was the last penalty.


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