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Eazibet bonuses

With most punters in the country, engaging a non-rewarding bookie is considered a rough hustle which is never favorable to the bettor. Bookies running empty reward pages have no place in the industry and cannot come close to matching the competition levels.

Eazibet bonus sets in to meet the interest of users as well as enhance their products’ nature to the land. There are bookies with better bonus facilities than Eazibet Kenya, but the fact remains that this odd setting company provides basic offers in addition to some exclusive gifts. Just like with global companies, you can play entirely without making a single transaction from the bank.

eazibet bonus

Coming in to get your profile well set, then earn a welcome reward and use this carefully to accumulate a series of wins in real cash and other prizes; that is what was considered impossible by most people, but now you can have such a success.

Hitting Ksh.1000 as a free gift with no deposits required sounds crazy, and that’s why punters always feel that this firm works itself out by availing such big offers and yet brings all other necessary features closer to users.

Eazibet First deposit match bonus

When the deal is too good, you must never think twice in this case. Now you are paid for transferring cash from bank to Eazibet account? What should anyone think about there, other than moving fast and grabbing the opportunity.

eazibet welcome bonus

Actually, this is more of moving money from a fixed savings account to an investment docket, and everyone can agree with me that it is insane to be rewarded for it. However, since you choose betting eazi over other tens of bookmakers, hit the road with this up to 1000 KES.

Interestingly, one can still wager with the earned gift, and get it right in their selections only for them to never use their real cash coming in from the bank. But now, you have to be one of them to benefit from their resources;

  1. Own an account in a few steps; find the form here, fill in the details and send a request. That should be effected in a matter of seconds
  2. Go forward to transfer from bank to Eazibet a minimum of Ksh.100
  3. Now depending on the amount paid, your account should have the bonus credited already, which is up to 1000 KES.

In case you are already a member, login to your account and target many other rewards, one step away from your action.

Eazibet Loyal Punter Stakeback Bonus

This remains random, and the system is able to pick players who made bets on featured events in the course of the week.

To drop this in your wallet, abide by the rules and apply these steps:

  1. Hit the “Register” button on this page’s top section, or open sign up window
  2. Make your deposit of minimum 100 KES, and place the featured wagers
  3. In the end, you shall collect a percentage of your stake back if you lose; 25%.

Eazibet Refer a Friend Bonus

This is a limitless feature where users can refer as many friends to Eazibet as they would wish. Get a friend to join this bookie, and earn a 50 KES gift to be used as freebets in future.

Let us breakdown this for you;

  1. First condition states that you must be a member
  2. Convince a friend to enroll too
  3. Contact the Eazibet team to submit the friend’s registration details
  4. The friend is supposed to deposit at least 200KES
  5. After that, it works well done for you. The Ksh.50 hits your account, and you ought to use it in less than three days.

Eazibet Existing customer SMS and Email Bonuses

Players can only make this a reality by frequently investing as this offer does not mind you losing or winning. Therefore you can make the best out of it by playing safe wagers, which would enable you to earn the ticket cash and a percentage of your stake back.

Probably that is the only guaranteed criteria that your name will get picked today, tomorrow or in any other day. This bonus as the title indicates is meant for already registered members, and that’s why its conditions are a bit complicated;

  1. You will get the gift of 200KES
  2. Prepare five wagers and stake a collective total of Ksh.1000 bonus
  3. Only then that you can withdraw the bonus wins

Eazibet Accumulator Bonus

This is recognized to be the extreme offer by Eazibet for accumulators. Its calculations are actually applied on the stake in this format:

  1. Add selections to a slip
  2. Choose to place freebet
  3. Once your bet wins, you hit the accumulator reward

Offer details and calculations in example picture:

eazibet freebet

Eazibet M-Pesa Deposit cashback bonus

You simply spend nothing to credit your Eazibet account.

The charges you incur when sending money through mpesa to the eazi wallet is refunded back into your balance.



What’s the minimum deposit?

Any amount can be deposited, but the minimum stake remains 20 KES

How do I deposit?

Use their paybill number which is; 290029

How long does a deposit take?

The cash should reflect immediately or instead instantly

My top-up does not reflect in my online balance?

That might be an error on the mpesa side. Make a call with the transaction ID for your issue to be solved

How do I place a bet?

Press on your picks to add them to a slip; specify stake and book a ticket

Can I cancel a bet?

In case you made a wrong selection by mistake, proceed to cancel it anytime.

What is the minimum and maximum I can bet?

The minimum bet is 20KES and maximum is 20,000KES


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