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Betting Types

You can wager a single bet or a number of them. This sites have made that possible through the introduction of numerous types of bets. Each type though have their advantages and disadvantages and we shall highlight them below so that you can understand them before you decide to lay in bed with one.

  • Single bets

Simple and basic, single bets have the minimal of all risks involved in betting. It’s either a win or a loss in respect to the end result of the match. The payout is easy to calculate too. Multiply your stake with the odds and there you have it. What I would term as a downside to this type of betting is that your payout is as low as the odds declare. Here are the examples of single bet subtypes.

Head to Head/3 Way

This includes either a win or loss for a team which means the opposite for the other. But in some games there may be a draw result. That’s why it can also be called a 3 way bet. So if you chose one of the three options, and in bad luck any of the rest happens, you lose the bet.

For example, in a Manchester United and a West Ham collision. The 3 way bets for Sportpesa a day before the game stood as 1.53 for the Red Devils win, 6.27 for West Ham and a 4.30 for a draw. If I chose a draw fearing West Ham might play an awfully defensive game and either of the teams wins, the bet is lost.

Totals (Over/Under)

Goals, corners, cards and throw-ins are just but a few of the statistics that can be betted on. Normally they feature with a .5 making the over/under prediction easier.

For example, in the match between Arsenal and Leicester City February 2016, Arsenal were on fire and so were their fans who were sure they would trash the unbeaten league leaders. Anyone, however who placed an over 2.5 total goals lost their bet although Welbeck scored their 100th extra time goal to win the match.


This is a unique type of bet. Just like the name suggest, what you naturally do by placing this bet is to emphasize a sure win of a certain team, or to give the less likely team a chance to face the more likely team, by setting a certain number of first goals as the baseline to start counting their following goals. Handicap odds are normally larger than the usual 3way win odds, therefore a mark of real gambling guts.

An example is the Manchester United Feyenoord Europa league clash. It was a must win for the Devils and Mourinho promised a change of tactics. So if you placed a -2 handicap for the EPL team, meaning Rooney’s and Mata’s goals wouldn’t count, but Ibrahimović’s and Lingard’s would as a 2-0 win.

Euro Handicap

Only one or two Kenyan top teams offer this type of handicap. It’s more like the common handicap only with no refunds whatsoever. Team backed to win has to win minus the goals indicated in the handicap to count as a win.

Asian Handicap

Also not many Kenyan betting sites offer this type of betting. Its popularity is however undeniable. This is because with the Asian handicap, a draw is eliminated as an outcome.

For example, we back Real Madrid to give Malaga a slashing of the season with a -2 Asian Handicap win.

If CR7 does his hat trick magic and ter Stegen makes himself big for Santos and Sandro’s attempts to secure a 3-1 win, our bet goes through as a narrow 1-0 win, if a Santo’s attempt goes through and no one tops CR7’s hat trick we get a refund for a 1-1 draw. And if in a turn of events Sandro and Santo both convert under same circumstances we lose the bet in a 1-2 loss.

In a +0.5 bet for the underdogs however gives you a win in case the two teams draw.

Each Way

This is a popular bet for Outrights or horseracing where in case of a runners-up or second runner-up you may claim a percentage of the profit. It’s mostly a consolation price but, hey, as long as you make profits.

For instance we back Diego Costa to win the highest scorer in the EPL with a Ksh5000 in a 1.8 odd to get Ksh9000 and the each way pays ¼ for 2nd and 3rd place, but Ibrahimović finds his League 1 god-like form in the second part of the season and surpasses the Chelsea man. We lose the maximum payout but a consolation of Ksh6000.

  • Multiple bets/Accumulators

Maximum possibilities of both a big payout and a failure in your bet because all the bets must turn out as predicted. In Kenya some sites may offer up to 30 selections.


This kind of bet you select two independent bets and their odds are multiplied in case of a win to calculate the total payout amount.

For example, two fixtures; Bournemouth vs Hull City and Middlesbrough vs Totten ham. We place a Ksh1000 double bet of 1.7 for the former to draw and a 2.0 away win for Spurs. If the results come as we pray to, we get total earnings of Ksh3400. But if either of the team fails us the whole bet is a loss.


In a treble bet, you select three independent bets which must all go in our favor to count as a win. Odds also are multiplied amongst themselves to get the total win.

For instance, if you added a Bundesliga clash between FC Schalke and FC Ingolstadt in a 2.5 -1 Handicap back for Schalke to the double bet example, and they get a spectacular 2-0 home win, we get a Ksh8500 payout. If the underdogs puts a leash on Schalke at 1-0, and the other bets push through as wins, we lose the whole bet.

Similar rules apply in 4-folds, 5-folds and so on.

  • System bets/full cover bets

Unlike accumulators, system bets have less odds, a disadvantage, but also covers more possible outcomes therefore more likely to scoop a win.

For example, an easy pick would be 3 games of your choice, say

  • Chelsea vs Middlesbrough, Blues win 1.15
  • Valencia vs FC Basel, Valencia win 1.2
  • PSG vs Lyon, PSG win 1.25


In your System bet you choose 2 out of 3, meaning two of the three outcomes must come true.

  • Chelsea and Valencia – 1.15 ×2 = 1.38
  • Chelsea and PSG – 1.15 ×25 = 1.44
  • Valencia and PSG – 1.2 ×25 = 1.5


  • If all teams win, you win all bets
  • If one team losses, you win the only bet without the team, for instance if Valencia loses, you only win the Chelsea PSG bet.
  • If two or more teams loses everything is lost.


System bets can have more than three selections, but choose a number you can comfortably work with. Bets with lower but sure bets are reasonable to increase chances of winning.


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