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Eazibet Review

One exceptional bookie with a variety of goodies to offer and a big room for growth is Eazibet Kenya. It may fail to be the bookmaker featured in all good things concerning sponsoring young talent, giving out big cash in jackpots, but it avails the best possible avenue for serious gambling.


Take it easy with Eazi bet Kenya as you stand a chance to win a colossal sum of cash from a stake of Ksh.1, which is the most unbelievable stake any firm can allow.

Eazibet Ratings

Concerning markets, software quality, transactions, and other essential aspects availed by our bookie here, it is an absolute 4 rating.

For a bookie to grow and reach the extent of getting a rating of 4/5, its services must be excellent and unique, especially in the ever-competitive Kenyan industry.

Markets 3.5
Promotions 4
Customer support 5
Software 3.5
Overall rating 4/5

Eazibet Promos and Bonuses

They only avail seasonal offers which are randomly optimized and made attainable by every punter.

eazibet promotions

Eazi bet features numerous average bonus offers;

  1. A randomly awarded free bet
  2. 50 into every new account
  3. A 30% multiplication of your potential wins in the extreme bonus.

Eazibet Description

This African bookie is licensed by the Kenyan government and also delivers sports betting odds in several other African nations; Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

Eazibet is, however, not your place if you thrive in excess of the offers and love hitting significant returns on promo services, but if your intent is to place professional bets, then take home good money, use Eazibet Kenya. This bookmaker’s most exciting features entail a fully-stocked virtual gaming avenue and a diverse sports avenue.

Methods of Payment

It is advisable to go the MPesa way; additionally, you can choose any other payment options ranging from Airtel money to banking system transactions.

Eazibet Desktop Site

The desktop site is complete with everything the bookie offers to users. 90% of features are visible from the home page, while promotions, vouchers, and help center info are in the dropdown of the menu button (top left). Gray, yellow, white, red, and other colors grace the appealing look of the bookie’s icons and general site view.

Eazibet Online Rules

The first rule retains the oddsetter’s position that only people 18+ of age are allowed to join their platforms.

Other rules govern regular wager markets, promotion page (getting and redeeming the offers), customer contacts, and the retained rights as well as the ability to access your account and administer disciplinary action in case of violation.

Eazibet Sports: The Offer

Eazibet games to play in for the offer;

eazibet offers

  1. Football
  2. Tennis
  3. Rugby
  4. Cricket
  5. Hockey and others

Eazibet Types of Bets

  1. Single: involves a one pick
  2. Multi: More than 1 picks
  3. Jackpots: specially selected combination by the company
  4. System wagers

Eazibet Football Betting

This is the leading and most promoted avenue by this company and all over the world. The jackpots and most promoted odds target football gamers.

Eazibet Live Betting and Betting What’s Eazibet Good about

Live betting is a new feature at Eazibet Kenya, and it works perfectly. No system lags or mistakes when it comes to its response to user in-play selections.

Eazibet Odds and Limits

The odds are decent here, with no limitation on how you choose to place your bets. No maximum stake and the minimum is the lowest possible Kenyan cash amount Ksh.1

Eazibet Casino

This is a new product, and Eazibet assures users that it will be loaded soon. Sports take a central position and is the only available option at the moment.

Eazibet Customer Service

Contact Eazibet via email or by using the live chat button within their website

Safety and Reliability

Safety is guaranteed with Eazibet Kenya as it is licensed and trusted by the government to offer the right quality.

Reliability levels are slightly dwindling with numerous complaints filed against the bookie, but they all get solved accordingly, so it remains a secure option

Eazibet Registering

Visit the website using these directions HERE.

eazibet registration

Fill the account creation form and submit for a free account.

Eazibet mobile App

There is no mobile app for Kenyan bettors.

This is quite a demeaning incident as most bookies inclusive of the very fresh brands have their mobile app betting feature at its best.



How do I place a bet?

Simply click on the selection or selections you want to make for them to be added onto a cart. Proceed to specify the stake and confirm the slip before submitting it.

Can I cancel a bet?

Yes, anytime necessary

What is the minimum and maximum I can bet?

Min is Ksh.1, and there is no specified maximum

How do I know I have won?

You will receive a text

Where do I see match results?

Within “MY ACCOUNT” section

Do you offer a jackpot?

The jackpot offer is an interesting one

Can I wager via SMS?

Yes, you can

Do you offer telephone services?

Mobile betting is the primary option by this company

What is ‘Virtual’?

Computer-generated events related to real-life sports

What is an In-Play or Live Bet?

A wager on live events

I’m trying to make a live bet, but the market says suspended?

The event may have exceeded the in-play bet time or scoreline

What're multiple wagers?

Wager involving several picks

What are singles, doubles, and trebles?

1. Singles: One pick wagers
2. Doubles: Two predictions per wager
3. Trebles: three pick wager

How and when do bets get settled?

Immediately after event completion

Can I place live bets on any sport or event?


Can the support service place bets for me?

Not at all

What is a stake?

Amounts used to book a bet ticket

What is a Betting Slip?

A list of your selections

What happens if I want to dispute a settled bet?

Contact help center

What are the markets?

The overall product one can stake on; sports, virtuals, and casinos

What happens to my bets if the game is postponed?

Fails to count in the slip possible returns


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