MCHEZA betting site has been among the most proficient Kenyan betting sites for the past few years with their market position being boosted by the mCHEZA bonuses, live betting, mCHEZA Jackpot, and mCHEZA mobile App feature. MCHEZA Jackpot is named “free quiz” on the mCHEZA official website at the top left of this site and also one can access the mCHEZA Jackpot at

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The free quiz feature is a unique market as it is more of a free bet to mCHEZA users. MCHEZA bonuses, mCHEZA Jackpot, and the mCHEZA mobile Application version have been reviewed in detail within this mCHEZA review.

MCHEZA Jackpot, mCHEZA App & mCHEZA bonus: MCHEZA free quiz

mCHEZA betting company offers its customers a free quiz where mCHEZA users are offered 3 types of expresses, one of the expresses containing 6 events, the other entailing 8 events, and the third express has 10 events.

MCHEZA users who bet on the mCHEZA Jackpot free quiz express containing six events and predict correctly six events out of six are entitled to win Ksh.5000. MCHEZA free quiz players who hit eight events correct in the 8 events mCHEZA Jackpot free quiz express are subject to a payout of Ksh.8000. And finally, if the mCHEZA user takes part in the mCHEZA free quiz covering ten events and hits it right in all the 10 events, the mCHEZA user is entitled to Ksh.10000.

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Instances of several players winning in the mCHEZA Jackpot are also covered as all winning amounts are to be shared equally among all mCHEZA winners in the mCHEZA free quiz. The winning amounts are transferred to the mCHEZA free quiz customer’s account within 48 hours after completion of all events included in all 3 express bets.
The only setback in the mCHEZA Jackpot free quiz is that the whole quiz is lost once one or several events have not taken place and mCHEZA customers are limited as each mCHEZA user can make an express bet on each variant only once per day.

Mcheza free jackpot terms and conditions

For one to receive their winnings as a mCHEZA Jackpot free quiz player:
⦁ MCHEZA users participating in the mCHEZA Jackpot free quiz should have placed a bet of minimum Ksh.250 with each game having the odds of over 2.0 odds in the last 7 days prior to placing your Free Quiz Bet.
⦁ Finally, the mCHEZA user should not hold multiple accounts with mCHEZA betting site. Having multiple accounts will void the mCHEZA Jackpot free quiz winnings, even if the mCHEZA user has satisfied the first rule.
The mCHEZA free quiz does not only cost you anything in terms of finances but also when it comes to time, the free quiz market has incorporated the random and favorite choices options to make the match selection automatic. The random option will select the predictions randomly while the favorite option picks the options with least odds under the specific mCHEZA free quiz express. To access the mCHEZA free quiz Jackpot feature make sure you initiate the mCHEZA registration process if not an mCHEZA member else, feel free to try this mCHEZA free cash offer.
The mCHEZA free quiz is free and simple to play and there are no mCHEZA Jackpot bonuses in the mCHEZA Jackpot games provided in the free quiz.

MCHEZA Jackpot, mCHEZA App & mCHEZA bonus: mCHEZA accumulator bonuses

MCHEZA bonuses are not very prominent and also can’t be classified amongst the best offers within Kenya’s betting industry. Unlike other bookmakers with huge bonuses and great promotion strategies like, and; mCHEZA has only one bonus offer which is the mCHEZA accumulator bonus.

There are only three requirements for mCHEZA users to acquire the mCHEZA bonus which entail:
⦁ Place bets with five or more selections, that’s because the mCHEZA accumulator bonus starts from a multibet of 5 or more games.
⦁ The Multibet must be a winning multibet for the mCHEZA user to receive the bonus.
⦁ All games selected must have a minimum odd amount of 1.5 odds.
The mCHEZA multibet bonus is only accessible online that’s only via mCHEZA online betting and not mCHEZA SMS betting.

MCHEZA Jackpot, mCHEZA App & mCHEZA bonus: mCHEZA App

Most Kenyan betting sites have embraced the technology of mobile App betting as the mobile Apps make betting easier and fast thus easing the task for Kenyan bettors. MCHEZA likewise has developed a mobile App which unlike most other mobile betting Apps has unique features and great functionality. First credit goes to the mCHEZA App’s registration capability as most other bookmakers facilitate new user registration only via their online betting websites. Access the mCHEZA sportbook through the mCHEZA android App and view thousands of events with many betting options availed to gamblers and well arranged in the order of event type.

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To download the mCHEZA mobile App:
⦁ Initiate the mCHEZA App download process on your computer via the buttons you see on the mCHEZA desktop version home page then transfer the downloaded file on your mobile device for installation.
⦁ You can also download the mCHEZA App APK directly on your smartphone or tablet. Once you visit the mCHEZA website via your mobile browser you will see on your screen notification with an offer to download the Application.
MCHEZA users cannot view mCHEZA markets on the mCHEZA mobile App without login. Thus access signup button if you are already a mCHEZA member or access the mCHEZA registration button if a newbie mCHEZA user. MCHEZA betting mobile App offers normal pre-match betting and live betting capabilities conveniently.


MCHEZA Jackpot, mCHEZA App & mCHEZA bonus:  conclusion

MCHEZA Jackpot, mCHEZA App, mCHEZA bonus, and mCHEZA live betting are the only unique features offered by mCHEZA thus mCHEZA ought to ensure their stability and advancement. Considering the current competition trends, some of the promotion and selling strategies used by mCHEZA will become obsolete and add no credit to the mCHEZA with time. Thus it’s time for mCHEZA to consider incorporating more bonuses and a real mCHEZA Jackpot market with cool bonuses, not the mCHEZA free quiz.


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