1xBet is the new Liverpool Football Club official partners!!1xbet a global betting company sets the standards at the globally betting industry following the Liverpool deal. The 1xBet bookmaker has proven its quest to surpass the notion that being an odd-setter is all about providing betting resources to gamblers. Rather the bookmaker has taken a give back to the society approach, promoting football across a variety of continents. Betting has at times been viewed from the perspective of being a lottery where the betting companies source billions from the gambling society without taking any obligation of improving the lives of their key stakeholders, are the betting masses. 1xBet has sought to sponsor and partner with football entities promoting talents through football associations, football leagues and most importantly contribute to the revenue collection as per the terms of specific betting viable countries. 

1xBet promoting football partners

Targeting major leagues and football clubs to help in boosting their brands and increase its already revamped market base has been of great interest to this bookmaker’s marketing strategy. With 1xBet’s newly found love to provide all necessary resources in promoting football, all football interested nations previously against the creation of a betting friendly business environment may need to reconsider their stands. One xbet is featured as a key stakeholder amongst the global partners in a number of world-class football clubs including Liverpool, a paramount English Premier League (EPL) football club. 1xBet extends their influence in Britain’s betting industry which also contributes to more loyalty gained from punters and fans of the Reds all over the globe. It is not just a branding thing!! This is an opportunity for 1xBet, the online betting service provider, to appreciate their client’s support.

1xBet partners with Liverpool: 1xBet sees Liverpool to a multiyear partnership

This partnership agreement makes 1xBet the official global partner of Liverpool Football Club. This will enable this bookmaker to boost their brand by promoting their betting markets of in and outside Anfield; probably makes 1xBet the number one mobile and digital betting company in the world. Based on their partnership selection and branding platforms featuring the high profile leagues, 1xBet marketing goes way beyond any other bookmaker’s promotion strategies. 1xBet will offer Liverpool and English football fans special offers featuring the Reds which will definitely boost their betting experience with this bookmaker. Liverpool will benefit from funding by the bookmaker being a key shareholder now thus facilitating their technical and normal operations. This brings the game closer to the fans according to Liverpool and 1xBet Spokesmen. Liverpool fans will be looking forward to their team reaping a lot of benefits from the partnership in addition to a standard betting experience with 1xBet owing to its offers and other benefits. The Liverpool 1xBet sponsorship deal comes in after the expiry of BetVictor’s three-year partnership with this EPL giant club. 

Liverpool  FC

The EPL title second runners last season and the UEFA champions league Titleholders are looking forward to partner with the best world companies which will cater for their financial stability. Partnering with established companies such as the 1xBet betting company, now their official global partner, will boost the Club’s performance on and off the pitch. As they eye the 2019/2020 English premier league title, 1xBet international betting company will be offering premium solutions to the third-ranked most valuable club in the world. With over 70 million Liverpool followers, the Merseyside club will be a treasured branding platform for 1xBet betting company. Liverpool makes the decision to go all-in with 1xBet based on 1xBet’s profile; 1xBet’s ability to originate innovative capital and decision-making solutions, excellence in partnerships and long-term relations, and the 1xBet betting firm’s record of executing and completing investments in a variety of world football systems. 

1xBet Global Betting Company

1xBet being the new Liverpool global partners will get access to Anfield stadium, Liverpool’s stadium, where they can carry their digital promotion and other branding activities. The bookmaker will also be able to access high profile Liverpool players and facilitate their individual branding and activation service provision. 1xBet offers sports betting, casino betting and other technical solutions all over the globe and with their newly found love for the game, 1xBet will be featured in Liverpool’s development records for the next few years. This bookmaker was founded in 2007, and now it’s beating the odds and going past all betting barriers in the betting industry across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Based on its partnership and sponsorship diversity, this bookmaker builds more loyalty and love for the 1xBet betting company brand. 




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