BetPawa betting services providers are owned and coordinated by the Gaming International (K) Limited. Gaming International (K) Limited trading as BetPawa, the provider of BetPawa website, is licensed by BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya) under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, Cap 131, Laws of Kenya, under License number 691. BetPawa has taken great steps towards their success in the competitive Kenyan betting industry by incorporating unique markets and features to boost BetPawa user’s betting experience. One of the highly capitalized features by the BetPawa crew is the BetPawa Jackpot. Jackpot markets are becoming effective marketing tools in the betting arena and most Kenyan gamblers are more concerned on the bookmaker’s interest in increasing the chances of winning by the Jackpot players. BetPawa users can attest to BetPawa team’s effort towards reaching a mutually beneficial market environment with all BetPawa Jackpot players. This is evident considering BetPawa’s easy Jackpots and bonuses which are given to BetPawa users accurate in predicting even up to 13 matches out of the 17 events BetPawa Jackpot. BetPawa Jackpot is a pool betting product promoted and operated by BetPawa on pre-selected football matches known as pools. Betting on BetPawa Jackpot is made easier by the BetPawa Lucky Dip Button which lets the system randomly generate the selections for the BetPawa Jackpot player. There is only one random selection picked from each match and this acts as a general guideline to BetPawa users on how to make their predictions on the BetPawa Jackpot games. BetPawa Jackpot is also referred to as the emPawa Africa Jackpot named after an initiative sponsored by BetPawa to promote local emerging artists with a goal to Make it BIG in the international music scene.

The BetPawa Jackpot entails 17 pre-selected football matches referred to as a pool which is played on Sunday unless stated otherwise. However, the BetPawa Jackpot market is not fixed on a certain schedule as the BetPawa team has the capacity to offer a midweek Jackpot thus BetPawa Jackpot must not entirely happen on Sundays.

BetPawa Jackpot: BetPawa Jackpot conditions

The BetPawa Jackpot result recognizes the final result at the end of 90 minutes regular time per each BetPawa Jackpot game. Therefore BetPawa Jackpot stoppage time does not consider extra time or penalty shoot-out.
In case of postponement/abandonment of a match, the BetPawa Jackpot organizers will have the right to wait for 24 hours for the match to start and if the match does not kickoff within this timeframe, the BetPawa Jackpot game will be cancelled; Thus be effected according to BetPawa disclaimer on BetPawa Jackpot game cancellation which dictates that the first match on the BetPawa Jackpot ticket will have its result from the last match. This BetPawa Jackpot game cancellation will be effected in the order that; Game 1 – Postponed: Resulted as “2” from game 5 and Game 2 – Postponed: Resulted as “2” from game 1. If the scheduled venue for a BetPawa Jackpot match is changed, the match will be voided if the new venue is a home ground of the original away team. Matches changed to a neutral venue will stand regardless of which team is listed as the home team.
BetPawa Jackpot: BetPawa Jackpot Deadlines and Payment of wins
emPawa Africa Jackpot predictions are open until the kick off time of the first BetPawa Jackpot match and all BetPawa Jackpot entries must be submitted before the advertised pool closure time; else the BetPawa users who stake after the closure time will have their BetPawa Jackpot bets voided and funds refunded.
BetPawa Jackpot winnings are announced shortly after all the BetPawa Jackpot games are settled and winners in the BetPawa Jackpot and the BetPawa Jackpot bonuses receive their winning amounts after the results are confirmed. BetPawa Jackpot winners must predict correctly the outcome of 17 matches to win the BetPawa Jackpot full prize. However, there are also cash winnings for 16,15,14 and 13 correct picks whose prizes vary in size from week to week.

BetPawa Jackpot: How to play the BetPawa Jackpot

To participate in the BetPawa Jackpot, one must register with BetPawa thus officially becoming BetPawa users and deposit money into their BetPawa accounts.
Start the BetPawa Jackpot staking process by making a selection that’s Home team win (1), Draw(X) or Away team win (2) for all matches in a ticket. BetPawa Jackpot market allows BetPawa users to create one or more tickets, each consisting of a minimum of one selection in each BetPawa Jackpot match. BetPawa Jackpot minimum stake amount is Ksh.10 per ticket thus making BetPawa one of the Kenyan betting sites offering the least minimum Jackpot stake amounts. BetPawa Jackpot market also offers a multi-selection feature where BetPawa users can make one or more selections of alternative results which will increase the cost of the entry. For instance, if two BetPawa Jackpot selections are picked in three matches and one result in all other matches then the entry fee will be ksh.80 and not Ksh.10.

BetPawa Jackpot: Conclusion

BetPawa Jackpot is flexible considering that the BetPawa team introduces midweek Jackpots randomly and also determines at its own discretion whether to introduce a Jackpot rollover or not. That’s whereby Jackpot totals from Jackpot competitions in prior weeks that have had no winners are accumulated and offered as a prize. Access more details on the BetPawa Jackpot directly via the BetPawa Jackpot page


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