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BetYetu Kenya betting site is operated by Oxygen 8 Gaming Limited, A Company Incorporated in Kenya and is Licensed by Betting Control And Licensing Board Of Kenya Under The Betting, Lotteries, And Gaming Act, Cap 131, Laws Of Kenya Under License No.0000034. BetYetu has really projected into the Kenyan betting industries using its special offers, bonus programs, and other features which compel most Kenyan punters to sign up to BetYetu thus BetYetu receives a great share of the billions circulating in the industry every week. There are numerous reasons behind every punter’s urge to sign up with BetYetu with the key factor being the high standards set by BetYetu betting site on market variety, BetYetu promotions, BetYetu Odds offer, BetYetu Casino market, BetYetu virtual games and the BetYetu user interface with a 24/7customer support office. You may be wondering why to sign up with BetYetu or how you can access the BetYetu sign up services. First, note that newbie punters may find it tricky to register on BetYetu as their form requires a coupon code which even pro punters may be unable to interpret. That’s under this BetYetu review, we shall see into details on BetYetu signup and some of the BetYetu offers that convince Kenyan gamblers to access the BetYetu sign up feature.

BetYetu Sign up: Why to sign up with BetYetu:

⦁ Accessing the BetYetu sign up will be leeway to enjoying a variety of betting options on BetYetu. The BetYetu markets entail the BetYetu Sportsbook, BetYetu Casino, and the BetYetu Virtual gaming. BetYetu also offers In-play/live betting functionality on the sporting markets. BetYetu’s sports market covers multiple sports categories entailing football, basketball, volleyball among many other events and this markets avails thousands of betting options each day. The BetYetu Casino covers some common and familiar gaming options amongst Kenyan punters which entail; the BetYetu Roulette games, BetYetu Blackjack, BetYetu Video poker and BetYetu Table Games.
⦁ BetYetu users will be able to acquire bonuses and other benefits out of the BetYetu promotion offers. Some of the promotions availed by BetYetu are; BetYetu accumulator bonus, BetYetu cash out feature, Monday deposit bonus, Lucky Friday bonus among other bonus offers availed at the BetYetu promotions page
⦁ Access the BetYetu SMS betting service and Mobile features. Betting with BetYetu has been made way easy and swift using the BetYetu mobile which also saves on data. Upon BetYetu sign up, punters are also able to feel the BetYetu diversity and customer friendliness guarantee via the SMS services. SMS betting among other SMS services supported at BetYetu has sort of localized betting ensuring any Kenyan punter can invest in the betting industry.
⦁ Finally one can access the BetYetu price boost feature.

Price boost is a feature which involves BetYetu users betting on multi bet events preselected by BetYetu and the predictions predetermined. The difference of the boosted combo from a normal multi bet is that the total odd of the boosted multi bet is way high compared to the odd of the same selections on a normal multi bet. The BetYetu boosted odd matches can also be bet on via SMS betting as the betting site has provided the multi-bet code that’s the “GAME ID”.

BetYetu sign up: BetYetu jackpot

Going through BetYetu sign up will allow punters using BetYetu to stake on the highly famed BetYetu jackpot. One key advantage of the BetYetu jackpot is that the BetYetu jackpot games entail preselected matches which are easy to predict. Unlike other bookmaker’s jackpot games, BetYetu jackpot games do not cover any tricky or hard match involving maybe two big teams. However, their jackpot entails less developed teams which punters can easily predict on the winning team. BetYetu jackpot games cover up to sixteen preselected matches on which BetYetu users can stake on. Betting on the BetYetu jackpot is similar to the normal BetYetu sports betting thus it should not be a challenge to any punter. BetYetu jackpot results are announced and wins credited after all the BetYetu jackpot games are settled and confirmed by the BetYetu jackpot team.

The BetYetu jackpot entails games played on weekends that’s Saturday and Sundays and there are no mid-week jackpots availed by this betting site.

BetYetu sign up: How to sign up to BetYetu

To register with BetYetu, punters are provided with two BetYetu sign up options:
⦁ BetYetu sign up by cash deposit method
Under this BetYetu sign up option, a punter is expected to deposit some money to pay bill 850704; Account: Betyetu and then the punter will receive a pin number by SMS. After receiving the pin, use your phone number and the set pin to log in at
⦁ BetYetu sign up by SMS sending
To sign up to BetYetu by SMS, SMS “BetYetu” to 29111. You will receive a confirmation message providing you with a PIN.

BetYetu sign up: Conclusion

There are very many offers and factors that should encourage any punter to sign up with BetYetu. The process is not complex and any punter whether pro or newbie should find it easy to complete the BetYetu Sign Up offer. There is also a BetYetu sign up offer availed on the BetYetu online portal but is not recommended since we have way easier methods as illustrated above in this BetYetu review.


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