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Sportybet bonus

This bookie stands out in all dimensions and it would be an excellent choice for any dedicated punter out there. In Kenya, betting has never been in jeopardy since the sports ministry takes care of business, ensuring that neither the firms nor the users are insecure.

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Considering that it is a licensed book maker in the country, everyone is guaranteed of the best quality. Of course, the competition issue has left bookies desperately trying new functionalities to keep their customers and attract new ones. And with that in mind, the sportybet bonus system is not just a competition tool, but it is a means to reward their consistent and new clients.

It is usual for every punter to grab at least one or two gifts regardless of their wagering frequency. This bookie’s reward system has been pleasing to clients with two ever available offers and numerous other seasonal rewards depicting that it’s up to date.

Sportybet Kenya Free Bets

Each time a user wagers with this bookie, they are climbing up the ladder to retrieving free bets. This feature may not be huge, but it gets credited in plenty (the variety is enormous).

Every placed wager earns you sporty bonus points which are later credited to your account as a free wager, and its stake amount mostly depends on how high your stake is.

Another opportunity for sportybet registered members are earned just after securing an account; you start enjoying the bookie’s good gifts even before making any payment.

How To Use Sportybet Gift

Once you get it, it is undoubtedly yours; use it in any sports event you may consider viable for your success in the field. To use the free gift;

  1. Create a profile using the enrolling window
  2. Check to ensure you have the Ksh.50 for new users and wager with it
  3. Start placing wagers to earn points.
  4. Exchange the free points for cash

Sometimes, you may receive a gift without placing bets, which is considered a way of appreciating you as a member of the sporty community.

Other Promotions

Another major offer within this bookie is a 100% return on first time credit to your account.

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This offer runs quarterly, but it has never missed in their promo collections hence we can consider it a permanent offer. Temporary/seasonal offers featured today include:

  1. Reindeermonth
  2. 20 free chances on Christmas
  3. UEFA and EPL best odds
  4. Crazy week

Bonus after you Refer A Friend

Cash gifts in this sportybet offer are spent with no limits. You can refer a friend by:

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  1. Online sharing: Copy the unique sporty link with a text attached and paste in your social media platforms
  2. Share a referral code

You and the friend will be rewarded if he/she deposits at least Ksh.1000 and above.

Becoming A Member

Using sportybet platforms;

  1. Go to the joining pane
  2. Insert phone number and click next
  3. Create a password
  4. Submit for review and your profile will be live in seconds

Odds Enhancements

This occurs in special multibets, and leagues selectively chosen by the bookie.

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Who is the owner of this bookie?

Sportybet ltd

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Make selections, specify stake, and book a ticket

How do I join?

Use the guide or follow our enrollment guide here

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