Elitebet Kenya has been rocking the industry especially following the establishment of the multi-bet cash back feature if one loses by a single match in a multi-bet of five events. Elitebet Kenya also attracted many punters after being the first betting site in Kenya to authorize the lowest minimum betting amount that’s of up to Ksh.1. These two factors led to Elitebet’s popularity and they are the main reason as to why most Kenya punters strive to secure an account with Elitebet Kenya.

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Elitebet registration is mandatory for any Kenyan punter willing to hold an account with Elitebet Kenya and enjoy the numerous amazing Elitebet deals. Elitebet’s registration is way easy and under this Elitebet Kenya review, we are looking forward to establishing the motivations behind every Kenyan’s determination to know how to register with Elitebet Kenya. Before proceeding to the details of this Elitebet review, it is essential noting that Elitebet Kenya is updating and developing its Kenyan betting site in the urge to have an upper hand in the gambling industry competition with other bookmakers. Unlike in other countries, Elitebet Kenya couldn’t have survived the pressure following current super features offered by most bookmakers and the betting field is becoming quite competitive amongst the Kenyan bookmakers. Elitebet Kenya UK site is way better than the Kenyan version whereas the Kenyan Elitebet site is more improved than the Ugandan Elitebet betting site. Punters all over Kenya are striving to join Elitebet due to many factors some being; Elitebet Kenya Special offers, Elitebet Kenya markets and thousands of betting options, Elitebet jackpot among many other factors.

Elitebet Registration: Why join Elitebet

Kenyan punters are known for their taste when in selecting bookmakers which are likely to benefit them and help them grow their investment in gambling. Elitebet is one such bookmaker offering Kenyan punters special offers, cash management features and diverse betting resources for Kenyan punters to utilize. Some of the key factors that encourage Kenyan punters to register with Elitebet entail:
⦁ Access Elitebet virtual market: Upon Elitebet registration, Elitebet users are able to access all the markets availed by the bookmaker and more significantly the Elitebet virtual gaming features.

The virtual market covers virtual and casino gaming options. Elitebet markets under virtual betting are considered to be the easiest way by punters to get returns of their investment and with pro experience, most punters confirm to the virtual market being more profiting than the normal sports betting. The elitebet virtual betting option is quite different from virtual markets offered by other bookmakers in Kenya as it also covers a jackpot feature. Hence Elitebet has turned normal virtual gaming to give Elitebet users a more real-life experience.
⦁ Registering to Elitebet allows Kenyan punters to bet on Elitebet jackpot. Elitebet has a low minimum stake jackpot offer of Ksh.50 and the jackpot market is availed on a weekly bases. Unfortunately, the jackpot feature being fresh on Elitebet’s portal at times its resources may not be availed. Elitebet users can bet on the jackpot online or via SMS. To bet on the Elitebet jackpot via SMS start with JP and then include the predictions for the matches where 1 is a home win, 2 is an away win, X is a draw.

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That’s in the format JP1X21X21X21X21X2 then send to 29210.
⦁ Elitebet promotions. Special offers are known for their motivation to punters towards enrolling to bookmakers. To access the Elitebet promotions you must first go through the Elitebet registration process. Elitebet special promotion offers to entail the Elitebet multi bet Refund; where registered Elitebet users Place a multi bet of 5 games or more between Monday and Friday. If the punter misses by one prediction, they get the entire stake back. All selected games must have a minimum odd of 1.50 for the bet to be eligible for a refund, Elitebet Friday Sosa bonus; This promotion is meant for punters who bet regularly during the week and these Elitebet users stand a chance to get a SOSA bonus on Friday, Elitebet mabeshte bonus; refer your friends today and earn 100 shillings for every friend you refer that’s upon fulfilling the T&Cs of this Elitebet offer and finally as an Elitebet registered punter one gets to enjoy the Elitebet multi bet bonus boost.

Elitebet Registration: How to register Elitebet

Elitebet registration can be in any of the two Elitebet registration methods authorized by the Elitebet bookmaker. One can register on the Elitebet’s site by clicking on the “Register” icon at the top right of the site

Else access the online Elitebet registration page at

https://www.Elitebetkenya.com/register. On the page fill in your phone number and confirm it under the repeat number option and then click on Create account. A 4-digit pin will be sent to your number from the Elitebet registration department.

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One can also register with Elitebet by depositing funds via the Elitebet pay bill number 850700. The money deposit Elitebet registration process is as follows:
⦁ Go to Safaricom: m-pesa
⦁ Lipa Na m-pesa
⦁ Pay bill
⦁ Enter business no. 850700
⦁ Enter account no. Elitebet
⦁ Enter amount e.g. 100kshs
⦁ Enter m-pesa pin and confirm
Elitebet Registration: Conclusion
Elitebet betting site is one of the bookmakers from which Kenyan punters can reap huge sums of money only if they are able to utilize the Elitebet betting resources accordingly. Elitebet has event made sports betting easier by providing the statistics feature where punters are able to analyze matches in detail before staking. Elitebet has also been making a significant effort towards maintaining their relevance in the Kenyan betting industry and that’s by updating their portal with new features and incorporating sweet promotion deals such as the stake back feature.


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