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Betway Kenya made its way back into the Kenyan betting market after months of a dry spell. Only domains belonging to licensed betting firms in Kenya are considered valid and allowed to operate in Kenya.

The Kenyan government has supposedly completed the reinstatement of ten betting sites which are compliant with tax requirement according to the KRA reports.

Only betting firms able to pass their compliance documents and get them verified by Kenya’s tax body could proceed to provide betting services in the multibillion betting industry.

Kenyans still criticize government’s ban move, considering that the most followed betting firm, SportPesa was shutdown and remains saw despite their effort to get back.

Government of Kenya through its internal security cabinet secretary rubbished off recent SportPesa’s attempts to force their way back using the Kenya Premier League sponsorship.

Terming it as blackmail, the government maintained that this once a giant and leading betting site in Kenya remains closed.

Most online betting site domains belonging to the banned betting sites in Kenya remain closed, while the available ones aren’t operational.

However, despite there being quite a lot of confusion amongst Kenyan betting sites; giant and quality betting firms still got their way in after acquiring licenses.

One of the big site seeing the light of the day with its operations back and running is Betway Kenya.

This bookmaker has ever been involved in another face-off after being found on the wrong side of betting laws and got fined Ksh.15 million fine for selling its shares without regulatory considerations.

However, having passed the KRA requirements Betway Kenya made is back in Kenya betting industry.

What is driving Kenyans crazy over Betway license renewal?

The thing of Betway’s popularity has been there even before the temporal ban by the government.

Betway’s success has highly been contributed towards by this bookmaker’s exclusive offers, jackpot variety, very low stake amount and other exclusive, amazing Betway offers.

Betway Kenya is licensed in Kenya alongside several other bookmakers; BetLion, Mozzartbet, 22bet Kenya, mCheza betting site, Betin Kenya, Betika, et Cetera.

Only about half of the banned betting sites had their licenses renewed as a couple other new betting sites made their way into the Kenyan betting industry.

Top rank and recommendable betting sites in Kenya

Currently, Kenyans are obliged to get 20% chopped off their wins.

This has been implemented by a number of betting sites prompting punters to shy off gambling activities.

Luckily there are still bookmakers taking the tax obligation to their sides thus Kenyans don’t have to run their betting expedition at a loss.

Our selection of the best betting sites in Kenya also takes into consideration the overall user experience; features availability, markets variety, odds quality, and payment systems just to mention a few.

Top ranking betting sites in Kenya 2019/20 are:

  1. Betlion Kenya
  2. 22Bet Kenya
  3. mCheza
  4. Betin Kenya
  5. Betway
  6. Big Pesa
  7. M-Bet Kenya

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