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Are you passionate about football? What is your favorite football team?

Football is one of the biggest money-generating activities in the world. Treasure football and your country will enjoy a vast, diverse income with the citizens entertained as they watch football games.

Have you ever thought of making some extra cash off your professional office career? Come and try it!! Football betting beats the odds when it comes to the possible returns expected from gambling.

With less risk and more of certainty since wager outcomes are dependent on a real-life event, Football betting has become a primary source of income for a good number of people.

Taking a walk through the gambling community, any person having ever tried the casino, virtual or any other sports betting expedition other than football will confess that “Football betting is the easiest way through which anyone can make great fortunes”.

Football betting is the major betting market for a good number of betting sites all over the world. Football is a popular leisure and entertainment activity which makes it a basic requirement for each betting site.

Bookmakers have come in to make betting in football an exclusive experience as they incorporate great jackpots, quality odds, promotions, and bonuses, amongst other amazing features.

To be perfect in football betting, one must first have a deeper understanding of the basics behind betting and football activities at large.

To be a professional gambler in football betting, choose an ideal bookmaker to invest in their markets. There are plenty of betting sites both local, Kenya betting sites and international betting sites like 22Bet, 1xBet world, Bet 365, just to mention a few.

We recommend 22Bet bet as the bookmaker features standard football betting experience. This is where the newbie, pro and average gambler is at liberty to bet with ease without the extreme need for prior knowledge in any specific betting market.

Next step in advancing your football betting skills is getting yourself familiar with the various football betting basics.

Some of the paramount and essential startup information on football betting entails; football betting markets, odds, bet types, terms and conditions of various bonuses and promotions, value bet identification, applicable and viable betting strategies, and gambling addiction control.

Unlike casino and virtual gambling, football betting is not addictive and thus one can easily control it in case they feel it becoming toxic.

Finally, after advancing in all football betting basics go for deeper analysis of the various football activities you wish to wager on.

Factors to consider in football bet analysis:

  1. Previous head to head results of the two teams
  2. Each team’s performance in the last six games
  3. The playground; which team is at home, away or it’s a neutral stadium. The stadium is very influential owing to the fan’s support and turn up.
  4. The squad according to each team’s lineups
  5. State of the team’s internal matters; follow on roaming stories as teams may fail to perform owing to off-field differences between players, our coach, and players.

NOTE: Always remember to stake with the best bookmakers, go for the best offers and promotions, and finally make sure you have control over your betting instincts. Click on any of the provided banners and images within this review to get to our number one betting site in Kenya.


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