Football transfers are considered one of the strategic approaches used by football managers and football clubs to better their performance on the onset of every new football league season. Now that the EPL fixtures, Laliga fixture, Italian Serie A fixtures amongst a variety other fixtures are out, we may need to review some of the best transfers taken in the 2019/2020 transfer window. This entails some of the best footballers acquired on loan as well as managers contracted to lead various teams to pursue titles in the major world leagues. In addition to the boosting of a team’s strengths in various pitch positions, most transferred footballers contribute to increasing the followership of specific teams. Over the last transfer window, we have had a lot of rumors on who goes where, what football player is being eyed by which football club, players rejecting propositions to join certain teams, et Cetera. Some of the uncertain rumors came to actualization while others remained to be just rumors. This incoming football season in all world leagues will see big names working under new management, new clubs, different leagues and even playing for different countries. With big names like Eden Hazard, Antoine Griezmann, Paulo Dybala moving to Manchester United impossibility, Harry Maguire, Nicolas Pepe, Matthijs de Ligt, amongst other players you would be probably wondering what would become of their roles upon joining the new teams. 

Major 2019 Transfers

  • Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard the Left Winger made the transfer headlines as the reality hit his followers and all Chelsea fans after he made clear his Real Madrid debut intentions after the Europa League finals against Arsenal on 29th May 2019. The 28years old attacking midfielder from Belgium moved to Madrid leaving the Blues in jitters as he was a star to reckon in EPL football. Eden Hazard had played for Chelsea from 2012 to 2019 when he moved to play at the Santiago Bernabeu, at a 150 million Euros colossal transfer fee.  The First Tier footballer chose to change his environment taste by trying new leagues and luckily got a place at the multiple times Champions League winners. Hazard will be looking forward to restoring Real Madrid’s fading glory as they were unable to win any of the major league cups last season.

  • Aaron Ramsey

The Arsenal Man left for Juventus after having played at the Emirates Stadium for almost the whole of the last decade. Ramsey has been a common icon in EPL football having had transfer experience with only English football teams in the past (Cardiff, Nottm Forest, and Arsenal.). Being a great central midfielder born in Wales, Ramsey portrays the fantastic football background he experienced at Cardiff U18. At Allianz Stadium, Ramsey will encounter the tough Italia Serie A league challenges amongst other big football competitions in Europe playing under the Juventus mandate. Upon resumption of the big Italian league season, we hope to see Arsenal’s big man on form and in action. How will Ramsey fit in at Juventus? Ramsey’s ability to score adds to Juventus the Mid-scorer factor as Juve will now be able to experience goals scored by its midfielders a thing rarely experienced before in the team. Ramsey should prove to be a good attacking midfielder.

  • Harry Maguire

 Looking forward to strengthening their defensive line, Manchester United signed in Harry Maguire for a 5 yr contract lasting from 2019 to 2025. Signed at $97 million, the former Leicester man will hold a center back position at the Old Trafford stadium. Harry Maguire is currently the most expensive defender bought at a price almost hitting $100 million and this eclipses even the best-recognized defender as per FIFA stats, Virgil Van Dijk the profound Liverpool man. Maguire is the third Manchester United sign in alongside former Swansea winger Daniel James and Aaron Wan-Bissaka a right back player bought from Crystal Palace. 

  • Tanguy Ndombe’le’

The 28 yr hold Frenchman joins the Spurs this new 2019/2020 EPL season; Tottenham Hotspur bought the Olympique Lyon multi-talent as they eye this season’s Title amongst other major European football Mantles. Ndombe’le’ can comfortably hold three positions in the pitch; central midfield (main position), defensive midfield and the right midfield. We, therefore, look forward to this talent being on form in any of these three positions which are a rare ability as most world-class players can handle a maximum of one or two positions. Most players taking Tanguy’s position cannot mark the defense and midfield as he does with his combination of strength and technical skills. With a never relenting mindset, Ndombe’le’ is known to be the moving forward ever type, determined to do something positive with his passes, dribbles and his high ranking football IQ. 

  • Frank Lampard

The Ex-England player joins the blues in a managerial position having been a player for the team decades back. Lampard was considered a top rank midfielder during his playing days, and now he will face a great task of steering his former team to the top four EPL list as well as try and hinge several other cups in the Europe football. Lampard joins Chelsea at a time when the team is hit by harsh FIFA restrictions as they were banned from conducting any transfers. We look forward to Frank’s prowess in coaching as it is now a matter of developing existing talents in the club. The new Chelsea boss has shown exemplary performance in the preseason games and going on with a similar trend  Chelsea will be able to win any competition. Lampard faces a number of challenges in his west London debut at Stamford Bridge; transfer ban, making things do without Eden Hazard, and utilizing the young talents. We look forward to the Chelsea Vs Manchester United match this Sunday 11th August 2019 to see Frank’s form, positioning and game coordination in the new EPL Season. 


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