The English Premier League is the top level of the English football system. Featuring a total of 20 teams, the EPL system works through the promotion and relegation approach. The 20 Teams act as the Shareholders of this league every Season. As Cardiff City, Fulham and Huddersfield Town face their relegation from the EPL system this 2019/2020 season, we have new teams which will be battling their way to remain relevant in the much-treasured world league, the English Premier League. Norwich City football club and Aston Villa return to the EPL after a 3 yrs absence while Sheffield United joins the big brothers after being absent for the last twelve years. Manchester United remains the team with most titles (13 titles) despite their worrying performance in the last two seasons. The Red Devils although having not hit the transfer headlines of any major goal creators, they remain positive that they can get back to their old glory with their newly enforced defense after signing in of Harry Maguire and Aaron Wan-Bissaka. 

The EPL 2019/2020 season starts on 9th August 2019 as Liverpool faces off with Norwich City the just off relegation team. From the various teams Manager’s comments this might be one of the most interesting seasons. Liverpool’s Klopp promised the world that the Reds will be a “different type of animal” this season (This was justifiable in the second half of their match against Manchester City), Chelsea boss Frank Lampard dismissed the ban disadvantage view stating that the team was on form and the available players can perform better even giving Chelsea fans more hope on their possibility of Winning the League, Manchester City will also be working hard to hold the EPL title again. These are the turn of events making the 2019/2020 season seem the best ever experience in English football. 

EPL week one fixtures & possible outcomes

First Week EPL fixtures will run From Friday 9th August 2018 to Sunday 11th August 2019. The Lineups for the various teams playing are not yet out but the Squads are in place, on form and likely to perform to their best capacities and go-ahead to lead in the Primary sessions of this much anticipated season. The EPL Fixtures this week are as follows:

Friday Games

Liverpool vs Norwich. The debut will be taking place at Liverpool’s home ground; the Anfield Stadium.  

Prediction: Liverpool Winning selection holds up to 85% chance. 

Saturday Games

  • West Ham Vs Manchester City. 

Prediction: Manchester City Win

  • Crystal Palace vs Everton

Prediction: GG

  • Burnley FC vs Southampton 

Prediction: GG favorite

  • Watford Vs Brighton

Prediction: Under 2.5 favorite

  • Bournemouth Vs Sheffield United

Prediction: GG favorite

  • Tottenham Hotspur Vs Aston Villa

Predictions: Tottenham Hotspur favorite

Sunday games

  • Leicester City vs Wolves

Prediction: Leicester favorite

  • Newcastle Vs Arsenal 

Predictions: Arsenal Favorite

  • Manchester United Vs Chelsea

Predictions: GG favorite

NOTE: The predictions are selected based on the preseason games which were totally friendly in nature. Other factors affecting the selected possible outcomes in this week’s English Premier League fixtures are; Immediate transfer window, last season’s game exclusive of the squad and form consideration (We assume that similar strength will be portrayed this season).  


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