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UEFA Super Cup debut to be played on 14th August as legendary champions (Liverpool), face champions in the Super Cup Finals. Liverpool vs Chelsea will be a highly featured game of the week at Vodafone Park, Istanbul Turkey.

UEFA super cup finals playoffs is a great and highly anticipated game involving the UEFA Champions League winners, Liverpool, and the Europa League Cup winners, Chelsea Football Club.

All eyes set on Istanbul and Liverpool will be the favorite team despite having to standout against Chelsea, a relenting team portraying exemplary performance in their preseason games as well as at Old Trafford.

Liverpool qualifies to take part in Super cup finals after beating Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in their Champions League title final battle.

Chelsea gave Arsenal a 4-1 thrashing in Europa League finals match featuring the now out Eden Hazard and David Luiz.

Liverpool comes with the same squad and maybe a more fostered energy based on their FA Community Shield game against Manchester City as well as their first Premier League game against Norwich City.

Frank Lampard will be looking forward to taking his first cup home being the new Chelsea manager has proven his capacity to man Chelsea Club’s issues despite their last weekend’s 4-0 loss to Manchester United.

Squad analysis                                                 

Liverpool will not have their first goalkeeper Alisson Becker, Liverpool’s keeper suffered a Calf injury which might see him out of the field for six or more weeks.  

Speaking at Liverpool website, Liverpool’s coach Jurgen Klopp updated on Alisson’s medical situation giving a rare hope that the star goalkeeper may recover in less than 6 weeks considering that he hasn’t suffered any other calf injury before.

Alisson slipped off while taking a goal kick in his first English Premier League game on Friday thus suffering the calf complication.

 Liverpool is experiencing no other injury and Sadio Mane will be ready to play a significant role in the UEFA Super Cup challenge finals. Liverpool’s squad is intact and still disciplined as before which leaves Chelsea a narrow chance to take this one.

Chelsea may feature the same squad that took part in the Old Trafford debut against Manchester United where Chelsea was unlucky to concede four goals in what seemed like the Red Devils had prepared a crushing for them.

Chelsea’s performance was alright with only a few mistakes in what seemed an equal match as both teams had equal energy, equal opportunities created and the performance by Chelsea was generally amazing.

 It was an entertaining first game of this season’s English Premier League season!!

Chelsea may have to check their backline, as the defenders ought to be less nervous, instead be extra vigilant now that David Luiz who played a key defensive role for the Stamford Bridge boys moved to Arsenal.

Making a similar mistake in the UEFA Super Cup final against Liverpool would be catastrophic since this is Liverpool!! Frank Lampard may have Ngolo Kante and Willian in his first eleven although Willian’s presence is still questionable as he has been having injury issues.


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