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Accumulator for Serie A. Cagliari – Frosione, Lacio – Chievo

Accumulator for Serie A. Cagliari – Frosione, Lacio - Chievo

Accumulator for Serie A. Perseverance in Cagliari and hopelessness in Rome

As part of the next Italian accumulator, we will analyze two matches of the 33rd round of Serie A: Cagliari will receive Frosinone, and Chievo will go to Rome to visit Lazio

«Cagliari» – «Frosinone»

«Cagliari» at the end of the championship put himself together. If before the team alternated victories with defeats, it has recently played very well. I propose to take out the game with Juventus and get three wins and a draw. In this case, the «islanders» managed to beat the «Fiorentina» and SPAL, which follows the trail.

«Frosinone» in early April began to emerge from the peak. Victories over «Fiorentina» and «Parma» probably instilled in the fans hope that now the team will leave the relegation zone. But then Inter arrived and put everything in its place.

Interestingly, «Cagliari» and «Frosinone» just met each other twice. The first was in the Cup six years ago. The second – in the first round. Then the teams tied – 1: 1. And then, rather, points were gotten. Now a draw does not suit either those or others. «Frosinone« need to get out of the relegation zone. And this task is more real than not. «Cagliari» will remain without European cups – a fact is confirmed, but to be on the verge of collapse …

There are theoretical chances. Especially before the end of the championship, where every opponent is not a gift.

I think in this game the hosts will try to do everything to win and insure themselves in case everything collapses in the next rounds. But a net victory will not present.

«Lazio» – «Chievo»

A match in which everything is as clear as possible, and therefore not issued at a separate bet.

«Lazio» after the defeat of «Milan» managed to play in the week against «Udinese». The match turned out for the «eagles» successful. It was possible not only to score two goals, but also to keep their goal intact. Icing on the cake was uneffected penalty, which fended by Strakosha.

Chievo is already leaving Serie A and finishing the league. A team may try to be at the finish by an evil policeman and deprive, for example, Lazio of three points, but it is unlikely.

Betting on a simple victory «eagles» is not interesting. Let’s assume that at home the team will score a lot and the handicap (-2) will be real.

«Cagliari» – «Frosinone» W1 – 1.90

«Lazio» — «Chievo» H1 (-2) — 1.90

Overall: 3,61


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