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Manchester City – Manchester United – Experts’ predictions

April 24 at the Old Trafford stadium will be held the Manchester derby, where the “red devils” to fight with the “citizens” for an incredibly needed 3 points. United can get into the European League zone, and the City can fight for the championship in the English Premier League.

What do such prediction stars like Paul Merson, Michael Owen and Jamie Carragher think about this meeting? Our editors have brought together the opinions of these giants in the field of predicting and will also share their own opinions on the upcoming meeting.

Paul Merson, an expert from Sky Sports believes that the championship will win Manchester City, but United is now incredibly dangerous. The expert focuses on the «citizens» motivation, he believes that the victory should be confident, because if the score 0: 1 is not so good for them – Liverpool may not allow them to move from second place both on points and on secondary indicators. Merson remembers how Tottenham lost to Leicester league in the season 2015/2016, then West Bromwich was their rival, the score was 1: 0, West Brom takes the corner and scores. The end! The league is over. They needed a second goal.

«If the City wins the upcoming meeting, I can’t imagine who can stop them with such a lineup, they have one game a week, there are only 3 of them, but if they lose in previous meetings, then they don’t deserve the title.»

Well, Paul Merson believes that a handicap of -1.5 on the City takes place.

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Michael Owens, who is an ambassador of BetVictor said: «The City has lost only once in the last seven visits to Old Trafford, but United needs to somehow redeem himself after performing at Gudisson Park Arena. They played really terrible that day, so they simply do not have the right to play in their native walls either.»

City will play without Kevin De Bruyne – the player was injured in the match against Tottenham – this will be a big loss for the champions, but Owens still thinks that there will be an abundance of goals. United did not loose in the home stadium in the last 14 seconds, but only two opponents could not score. A very important game for both teams, the expert believes. And he offers to put on the fact that both will score and the total will be over 2.5.

Jamie Carragher, the former defender of Liverpool also takes into account the stunning loss of the “devils” in the Saturday match against Everton, which also affects the upcoming game. Expressing his thoughts about the TOP-4 English Premier League, the expert believes that Manchester City will win, but will miss the goal.

And now it’s time to prediction from our team. On the importance of the match for Manchester City, once again there is no point in talking. In fact, for the «citizens» – this is the last serious contender with whom problems may arise. But can the current Manchester United take away points from «noisy neighbors»? In the camp of the Solskjær team, the same problems reign as with Mourinho. The microclimate in the locker room is not the best. Here not everyone will cope with nerves after 0-4 from the team from middle of the standings. City – good luck, United – patience.


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