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Accumulator for the Champions League semi-finals

Accumulator for the Champions League semi-finals

Tottenham – Ajax

At the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the British capital will begin the first match of the Champions League semi-final confrontation, in which the Pochettino team will face Ajax Amsterdam.

Tottenham Hotspur

“Spurs” were close to failing to enter the Champions League playoffs, because after the first three rounds of the group tournament, Londoners had only one point. The “lily-white” started offensive defeat in Milan from Inter. Then, Londoners did not hold out on Wembley before Barcelona, and in the third round they had a draw with PSV on the opponent’s field. But in the second round, the “roosters” took 7 points out of 9 possible, and in the playoffs they cleverly dealt with Borussia and Manchester City. Surely, the return match against the MC, and the marvelous 3:4, which brought the “spurs” to the semifinals, will be included in the annals of the Champions League, because it is difficult to imagine a more dramatic match.


If Tottenham’s presence in the semifinals could have been foreseen. Still, the team at Pochettino experienced, having in the composition of world-class stars, but the presence of super young Ajax in the top 4 in Europe, an also the world – a real sensation. In the playoffs Ajax dealt with Real and Juventus, two teams, the contenders for the title of the strongest in Europe. After removing such “scalps”, Ajax should not scare Tottenham, however, we believe that just the “spurs” will become a stumbling block for the “ajaxids”.


Ajax in the 1/8 and ¼ finals of the Champions League began the series at its field, and then enchantingly ended the confrontation on the road. Now the coaching staff of the Dutch will have to change the winning strategy. We think that Tottenham’s victory is more obvious here.

Barcelona – Liverpool

Super-match between two tops that are in excellent sports form. At Camp Nou stadium with any rivals Barcelona is quoted favorite, but Liverpool – a team that can create problems for the Catalans.


The Catalans had difficult opponents in the group: Tottenham, Milan Inter and PSV, but Barca played only two draws with 4 wins. Another draw was recorded in Milan against Inter. As a result, the Valverde team scored 14 points in 6 meetings. At the stage of 1/8 finals, the opponent of “blaugranas” was the French Lyon, who managed not to lose in the first match in its field. In the second match Barca did not leave the “weavers” and a chance, beating the French 5:1.


Liverpool had a very strong group in the Champions League, where, apart from the “red”, there were such teams as: PSG, Napoli and Red Star. In the 1/8 finals, the draw brought Liverpool to Bayern, and after 0: 0 on Anfield, it seemed that the Germans would continue. However, Klopp in the second match completely beat Kovac, Liverpool turned out to be stronger than Munich 3:1. In the quarterfinals, “red” first lucky with a draw, Porto, of course, a good team, but the Portuguese are not yet ready to play on equal terms with European tops.


Despite the fact that both teams have strong attacking lines, we believe that the upcoming game will not work out well. Each of the teams will be as accurate as possible in defense, which will affect the final result.

Tottenham – Ajax: W1, with a coefficient of 2.31

Barcelona – Liverpool: “Total under 3”, with a coefficient of 1.84

Overall: 4. 25


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