Players have been facing difficulty in choosing a prediction site in Kenya for their wager analysis. With the constant growth in sports betting activities within the country, more betting prediction sites in Kenya are introduced by expert bet analysis. Kenyanbets is among the best football prediction sites in Kenya. We have individuals and groups well advanced in the field of football sports analysis who have gone to the extent of even selling betting tips to Kenya’s betting fans. Football betting and sports betting in Kenya is not just a fun thing to do anymore as more people have turned betting to be a livelihood source. From single bets, Multibet combinations and various jackpots in Kenya, football prediction sites in Kenya have it all covered for you. Although like any other business unit, sports prediction world full of scams, there are still legit prediction sites in online platforms.

Statement on prediction Sites in Kenya 

Football betting has been a hard puzzle to crack by many interested Kenyan players. Seeing won tickets of fixed matches on online platforms and all over social media lures many Kenyans to buy fake fixed odds. It will be quite discouraging to inform you that there are no fixed matches as the sellers claim. Those are well-analyzed events, and in the case of taking odd high fixtures, chances of a loss in a bet will be extremely high. 

Why are football prediction sites important to players?

Football prediction sites in Kenya boost your betting accuracy by making your ability to identify possible easily to predict selections less complicated. The work of pro players with various bookmakers is greatly simplified, as all possibly predictable selections are in free betting tips sites and blog platforms. We have compiled for you a list of the best football prediction sites in Kenya with a few going to the point of including other markets inclusive of exclusive casino guides. It is a good idea for you to go ahead and do your analysis before wagering on any selection you meet online. Football prediction sites in Kenya explore all possible factors affecting the selected matches thus they are quite safer and avail betting tips with a higher probability.

Factors considered by expert prediction sites experts

Below are the factors considered at online prediction sites in picking betting selections.

  1. The performance of each involved team in the last five games
  2. The kind of circumstances leading to the winning or losing streak of a team. This can be whether the goals are earned luckily, from penalty shots, buildups, or set pieces.
  3. The general form and gameplay of individual players in each team’s lineup: Consider players missing, the hole left by a missing player and gaming IQ levels of the first 11 tier in each team.
  4. The Line ups: Check the defense (The defense is everything in determining chances of conceding in a game), consider the speed and stability of the midfield and finally focus on the forward player’s form based on their performance in the last five matches.
  5. Both teams’ formation. A 4-4-2 formation will underperform against a 4-3-3 formation. A 3-5-2 formation goes for goals, but once the midfield gets penetrated, they concede a goal; thus, a GG may work.
Best football prediction sites in Kenya

The best football prediction sites in Kenya are ones with a winning streak of over 80% and offering free betting tips to players. Do not be lured to buying predictions as most of the VVIP, Pro and the so-called paid subscriptions base their analysis on the available free tips. Here is a list of football prediction sites in Kenya:

  1. Kenyanbets
  2. Like bets
  3. Zukabets Kenya
  4. SoccerWay
  6. GameYetu
  7. Betting Wizards Kenya
  8. Kenya Tv Bets
  9. SoccerVista
  10. Shangaza
  11. Football Predictions Kenya
  12. Jackpot Predict
  13. Sportpesa Guru
  14. IQ bet
  15. Kazibet

Note: These are some of the football prediction sites in Kenya. Do not get into any paid prediction program to avoid getting frustrated as there is nothing special in there.


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