Sportpesa is one of the most popular betting companies operating in Europe, the United Kingdom and in Africa, very popular in Kenya’s betting industry. This bookmarker was established in 2014 by Pevans limited company in Kenya. Sportpesa collects an average of 4.2 billion Kenyan shillings per year which surpasses all other bookmarkers in Kenya. Statistics show that this bookmarker’s site is visited by approximately 77percent of its overall user with each spending 20minutes on average in the site. This shows that if the site was to use Google Adsense, they would be able to collect more revenue. Sportpesa has managed to lure more customers to its side following its odds, ranking, and efficiency. Comparing the odds offered on most games that’s sport gaming events, sportpesa is offering the best thus crowned as the king of sports betting by its users. This bookie has not majored on Casino games as it is the case in Latin but they have introduced Virtual games aspect which is being embraced by most bookmakers.  Sportpesa offers very low stake amount of Ksh49 which is affordable to almost everyone in the betting industry. Sportpesa has dominated the betting market in Kenya and gone ahead to sponsor many sporting activities within the country as well as all over the world. Apart from the odd aspect, sportpesa users are able to enjoy other many benefits from the platform which entail a handy welcome bonus to new players.

Sportpesa products are easy to access following its ease of accessibility and user-friendliness. No other betting company hits it like sportpesa when it comes to Jackpot amounts and bonuses. There are two jackpots offered by this bookmarker which include midweek jackpot and the mega jackpot. Amazingly, all these jackpots have a bonus amount entitled to each depending on the number of elections won by the player thus when one comes close to winning like missing by one or two games, the jackpot bonus will be offered to them. The jackpot bonus is only available in sportpesa among all other bookmakers in the country. Sportpesa also offers the bet cancelation feature that’s in case one feels suspicious of the bet slip they have placed however they don’t offer cash out provisions which would be a game changer in case incorporated into their services. Additional features integrated into the system include Jenga bets which involve the players creating their bet slips using special selections like who will get carded or maybe who will score. Sportpesa’s customer care service is very available and their response to a customer request is outstanding according to most customer reviews. Registering to sportpesa is a well-guided step by step process which takes just a few minutes and the users are also allowed to register using SMS via their mobile phones by simply making a deposit of any amount. Sportpesa majors on sports betting and incorporate extensive features into their service and product delivery.

Sportpesa sport betting

Sportpesa covers approximately all sporting activities around the world ensuring all major events are featured. Its domination on the market is highly contributed by odds offered on the matches as well as bet combinations allowed. Sporting activities allowed entails; football, cricket, Tennis ball, basketball, Boxing, Handball, Ice Hockey, MMA, Volleyball among other types of sports as the company offers a wide coverage. Navigating through their site and app to get these events is not a complicated task as they have grouped the matches in several categories which one can use to get to a particular match. The groupings entail grouping as per country in which the event will occur, grouping according to the league, grouping according to the time of the match and finally grouping based on the type of sporting activity. The platform has also embraced live betting thus allowing users to place their bets when matches are on. Even in a live betting scenario, sportpesa’s odds remain relatively high compared to those of their competitors. To help its users in following up on their bets, the bookmarker displays live-scores of all matches which were available for betting and also shows the results of the matches. There is also a news section where users are updated on sports events as well as any other news regarding the company which would be essential for the customers to know. Each sport type is entitled to a number of categories which include highlights, tournaments, and upcoming events and this further smoothens the event searching process.

Sportpesa pros

  • Easy to navigate through the various products offered by its platform especially using the sportpesa app which improves the event searching process.
  • Low minimum stake limit of Ksh49 makes the bookmarker’s products easily available.
  • Jackpot bonus has attracted many people to take part in the midweek and mega jackpots.
  • Its large pool of matches makes it possible for players to invest on daily bases and have a variety to choose from.
  • Sportpesa odds are fair for players to invest hoping for a good profit. Unlike other sites, users have claimed that this bookie never limits its users by maybe lowering the price.

Sportpesa limitations

  • It lacks the cash out feature. Thus players would prefer using other bookmarkers, especially when investing on risky bet combinations.
  • Lacks a well developed virtual feature and they don’t offer casino products. The world is turning virtual and most players in the betting industry are embracing virtual and casino games betting because they are fast thus one will not face the anxiety problem of waiting for a 90minutes game.
  • Transaction costs especially when using other transaction mediums apart from Mpesa are very high. This has contributed to most people not getting the essence of staking especially when they can only afford a low stake.
  • Newly introduced VAT by the government has really rendered the company of Gamblers are avoiding to play the matches since the comparison between the player’s investment, amount won and the amount withdrawn after the deductions is not in order. The amount that can be withdrawn is quite low thus players feel that it is no longer a good place to invest.

Sportpesa is popular in Kenya and other countries in Africa like Tanzania and South Africa where they have a high marketing edge. The key challenges facing the bookmarker currently involves the government policies pertaining the betting companies which has seen many people avoiding to play since they would risk their money which will also be slashed by a big margin in case they win.


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