Betin casino games are easy to play and require very few casino tricks. However, any new punter in the casino field should first try the demo part to gain enough experience in predicting the betin casino games.  This is a betin casino review on the most popular betin casino table games illustrating what kind of games they and how to play the games.

Betin casino table games: lucky dice

The betin lucky dice is a betin casino game where betin users get the opportunity to bet on the result of a roll of a pair of classic dice. With the betin casino Lucky Dice the betin user can bet on a single number, on the total of the two dice being a High/Middle/Low number or an Odd/Even number. The betin user also can put their money on any Double, if the roll will result in two dice of the same value, or on Any Mix if the dice will be of different values. To bet on the betin casino Lucky Dice select the chips then click on “Roll” to roll the dice and the bet will be placed.

Betin casino Table Games: Betin casino Mazzeti game

The Betin casino Mazzeti game is a popular Italian card game in which betin users play against the dealer. This betin casino deck is divided into small stacks and if the betin user’s last card is higher than the dealer’s card, the betin user becomes a winner. Mazzetti is played by splitting a deck of 40 cards into 2 or more stacks of cards. The dealer holds one stack and the betin user holds all others, then bet once all the card stacks are turned over, the value of the cards displayed on the betin user’s stacks will be equal to or greater than the value of the card shown on the Dealer’s stack.

Betin casino Table Games: Betin casino classic Blackjack.

Betin casino classic Blackjack is one of the most popular casino markets in Kenya allowing betin users to set a table limit of up to five hands ensuring that they don’t exceed 21. In the Betin casino classic Blackjack the key objective is beat the dealer by achieving a hand value of either 21, or of less than 21 but more than the value of the dealer’s hand. Eight standard decks of cards are used in this betin casino market. To bet on this betin casino option simply select your chips, and place a bet on one of the table betting spots by hitting the Deal button. For each of the hands one plays, you can Hit, Stand, Double Down, Split, accept even money or insure your hand. The Blackjack strategy provided doesn’t guarantee a will win but gives punters a better percentage chance of winning.

Betin casino Table Games: Betin casino Roulette games

In this betin casino classic game, betin users place their bet and spin a wheel to get results. The main purpose in the Betin casino Roulette game is to predict at what part of the wheel the ball rest. The 37 sections of the wheel are marked with numbers from 0 to 36. Zero is green, while the rest are alternately red or black. When the ball lands on a number, the result will appear in the top right corner of the betin user’s screen. On the table, the marker will move to the number on which the ball has stopped and if they have a bet covering that number, that’s counted as a win.
The zero to 36 numbering is for the standard/classic Roulette game, however, the numbering may change depending on the type of roulette game the betin user decides to play. There are two more types of Betin casino Roulette Table games and these include; America Roulette, and the African Roulette.

Betin casino Table Games: Red Dog betin casino game

The Red Dog betin casino game is a casino card game in which betin users predict if the value of the next card will fall between the two cards selected previously by the dealer. Betin casino Red Dog game is played with 8 standard decks of 52 cards. The betin dealer draws two cards and places them face up on the table. The betin users bet that a third card drawn will fall between the values of the two cards previously drawn. A Red Dog marker is then placed on the table indicating the spread between the two cards and a betin user may hit to place the same bet amount again or Stand. The third card will be revealed and any winnings shown on the table.

Betin casino Table Games: Betin casino Punto Banco game

This is a popular version of the Baccarat casino game where one bets on the hand that will come closer to a count of nine. In betin casino Punto Banco, the object is to bet on the result of 2 hands that’s betin users bet which Player or Banker will have the highest total value, or that the two hands will tie. In this betin casino, six standard decks of cards are used and the cards have special values. Only single digit values are valid. Any count that reaches a double-digit drops the left digit. To bet on this market select the value of your chips then place your chips on one or more of the Player, Banker, or Tie spots by clicking on them. Then click on the Deal button and your bet will be placed.

Betin casino Table Games: Betin casino Sette e Mezzo game

This is an Italian game in which betin users play against a dealer with the objective of getting the highest possible hand without exceeding 7 ½. Sette e Mezzo is played with a deck of 40 cards and each card has a numeric value. Face cards are worth half a point each, whereas cards from the ace to seven are worth their nominal value.

Betin casino Table Games: Conclusion

The Betin casino Table Games are cool games to stake on and unlike most other betin casino games, this market allows predictions to be done based on one’s smartness in casino games. Therefore it’s not a guess work thing as it is in most other betin casino games.

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