In the modern world, we have many sites that have come up with different techniques of betting in which you can win a lot of money. Many people usually try bet in order to win these money and solve or improve their financial status but instead they end up losing the little money they had invested in the betting. has realized that and that is why we have come up with different methods of betting that involve virtual money that is real money is not involved. Real money is not involved but you are given a chance to win real prizes by betting on our site.

                          HOW TO REGISTER WITH LIKE BETS.

To register with you have to visit our site at or just click here to start the registration process immediately. In registration, you will be requested either to use your Facebook account or the Google plus account. Immediately after registration process, you will be taken through the orientation process where you will be taught how to place bets and to use other services that are available on such as making a purchase or real gifts from the virtual money earned through betting and other activities. Once you are through with registration your account is credited with 5,000 B$ that will enable you to start betting immediately and win.


When you are a member of, there are many services that you will enjoy and benefit from. We make sure that your betting process is beneficial in many ways to make sure you fulfill your goals that made you start betting. We have vast promotions and regular gifts that motivate our members every day to place new bets and that is why we are one of the most popular bookmaking site with over 5 million members all over the world. Some benefits or promotions that you get on our site include:

  • New member sign up bonus. Once you register with us we credit your account with 5000 B$ that you start betting with it to make more profit. We will not require to deposit so that you can start winning. We give a chance to start betting and win immediately.
  • Daily log in reward. Every day you log in your account we appreciate you for making an effort towards success and award you 1,000 B$ in your account on every new day you log in your account. You don’t have to bet in order for you to win, even logging in your account after 24 hours is an achievement and you are rewarded more virtual money.
  • Referrer bonus is also available on our site. When you invite a new friend through your link we reward you for growing our community by crediting your account with 10,000 B$ once the one you have referred signs up successfully. Your friend will also benefit from this your invitation because he/she will also get 5,000 B$ and an additional 10,000 B$ for accepting your invitation. This is to make sure, even if you do not win through betting you can also be making huge amounts and continuous prizes.
  • You start betting with no deposits The benefit you also get by betting on our site is that you bet without making deposits and we enable or give you a chance to win big.
  • No risks of losing your money. Since no deposits are required for you to start betting instead we use virtual money that is commonly known as bitcoins that is freely given you. We reward you with this amount to begin with to make sure you don’t risk or lose your money in the field of betting.
  • Free VIP prediction analyses. Our members are free access to our daily VIP soccer predictions that are produced by our experienced working team that has been in the field for many years. Our predictions have over 80% chance of winning. This shows that is interested by the success of their members and that is why we make efforts to see you winning.
  • Allowed to follow best performers on our site and track their bets. Since our site is a social betting site, we allow you to follow the best performers on our site and track their betting history and current bets and you can place bets similar to theirs. This enables you to get sure matches that have higher chances of winning thus giving you good betting results all the time.
  • This virtual betting also enables you to get experience or betting strategies that will help you increase your winning history in case you join the real betting world. These betting strategies we help you develop them or choose whatever is suitable for you and that which will enable you to make huge profits.

In general, our site has vast benefits and promotions that all means success to you. Our companies aim is to make sure you don’t lose your money anyhow to betting sites outside their in the world that are waiting for your money like angry tigers. Instead, squander their money until they become bankrupt, close their betting sites, and start doing other business. Sign up today by clicking here and join the winning side.


Many people usually don’t see the sense of betting with virtual currency which is commonly known as the betcoins saying that they cannot buy anything real out of it. Today I am here to surprise you about the great things that you can buy using the virtual money will earn by betting on our site. We won’t let you earn that money by putting in more effort be it referring friends or analyzing bets daily and then the money you earn be useless to you. The things you by with virtual currency include:

  • A big colored flat screen that has the following cool features:
  1. Display size: 32 inches.
  2. Resolution: HD(1366*768)
  3. Size: 590x135x372mm
  4. Weight: 2.5 kg
  5. Power consumer: 28 W

This one of the latest television with latest features, can you believe buying this with the virtual money you have earned without making any deposit? We give real prizes to appreciate the efforts you have put on betting.

  • Another device you can purchase on our site with the virtual money is the XIAOMI REDMI 4A phone that is the latest design also with cool features that will blow your mind away such as:
  1. Ram: 2 GB
  2. CPU: quad core
  3. Display size: 5.0
  4. Camera: 13.0 MP
  5. Front camera: 5 MP
  • Another gadget that you can buy with virtual money is an amazing computer that has both android and windows features such as:
  1. OS: android &windows
  2. Display size: 10.8 inches
  3. Processor: intel ATOM X5 Cherry trial Z8350
  4. Resolution: 1920×1280.

We have many real prizes that you can buy from our site, which is with the virtual money you have earned. I have only mentioned a few prizes but we have over thirty cool real prizes that you can buy. So you don’t have to keep on saying virtual money has no value, that is just a lame excuse you are giving so that you cannot bet and win real prizes that are of latest technology.

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