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Bet365 is one of the most experienced bookmarkers available and very popular in Kenya. The online betting portal was founded in 1974 and acquired the license required for legal gambling market. The bookie was first founded when there were no internet connections thus utilized offline gaming objects. In the year 2000, the company opened the online betting portal and closed down all offline gaming objects thus deciding to focus on online betting services alone. Bet365 is considered to be a sort of online casino since it incorporates all the components of its initial stationary Casino status. The portal has several transactions means currently and thus allows major credit card transfers or direct bank transfers. The currencies acceptable include dollars, Euros, and pounds.

This bookmarker offers several bonuses and incentives to its clients thus maintaining their relative marketing edge in Kenya’s betting industry. Their main program offers bonuses for new players in three options each allocated to the first deposit; normal deposit hits a bonus of up to 100%, video slots user get up to 200%, and high roller players get 50% bonuses of up to $500. Still, on bonuses, bettors are able to earn loyalty points which are convertible to real money and this depends on the player’s account level.  Finally, there are the slot club bonuses; these are bonuses directed to slot machine fans who are able to earn extra points and other incentives. Bet 365 has a very good reputation amongst its punters in terms of account stability and streamline of events when it comes to payments.

The bet 365 bookmarker’s website is well organized for easy navigation by its players within the site. The divisions entail; most played games; Slots which entail gaming machines and video slots; Card games including several versions of blackjack, Baccarat and poker; Board games that’s roulette, craps, and other similar gambling types; Games and Keno which involve lotteries and drawings with fixed payments; Finally they offer the Jackpots under video slots, classic slot machines and other progressive games in the jackpot. Bet 365 is considered to be the best for live betting by its users and its offer a large variety of sports events covering soccer, baseball, hockey, rugby, basketball, and many other sporting events.

Considering the odd factors the comparison indicates that this bookie may be the best or among the best odd offering bookmarkers in the country’s gambling industry.  The odds are quite high on all sporting events even in the live-betting scenario their bookies remains favorable for its users. Most of its products are short time events which are more of virtual games thus the gamblers are able to know their fate in a few minutes without having to anxiously await for one-hour events. The bookmarker also displays the live scores on the various matches which makes the task of live betting even faster as the bet slip is able to determine their selection based on records on the live scores. Another unique feature in the bet365 bookie is the cash out feature. The cash out may either be set to Auto cash out and partial cash out. This feature allows the player to take a return before the end of the event. One may cash out a bet at its entirety or partially cash out a bet-slip and leave the remaining stake to run. One may also set the bet to automatically cash out either partially or entirely when the cashout amount hits a certain amount.

This bookmarker is quite particular when it comes to payment processes and mediums. Amount to be withdrawn can only be received via the same means the gambler made their deposit. Thus one must stick to a particular payment method be it wire transfer, credit card or direct bank deposit which they will be willing to use entirely for all their transaction procedures. Bet 365’s customer care services are well reviewed by most of the clients as they are highly responsive and very helpful when it comes to resolving user-system interface issues. Registration to the system is quite easy and well guided by well-indicated step by step process available on their online betting portal in the registration page. Depending on the bookmarker under bet 365, the minimum deposit varies. The minimum deposit varies from one Euro to ten Euros while the minimum stake will depend on the event the gambler stakes on, that’s soccer, casino or any other sporting event.


  • A variety of events available for one to bet on. The events ranging from soccer, basketball, casinos, and other event types. The larger the selection pool, the greater the chances of winning thus the variety is an added advantage to the gamblers relying on the site for their betting career.
  • Premium features such as cash out capability. This ensures that the players are in control of the money they invest in the various bet combinations. Cash out features is only available for sporting events thus not possible in casino games.
  • A well developed and responsive site for easy access to the bookie’s products. The bookmarker’s events are well grouped such that the users will not have a hard time searching particular events. Additionally, there is the option of directly searching an event form the site’s search button.
  • Large odds and streamlined payment systems. The odds on normal and live betting scenarios are high thus favorable for business. Additionally, the depositing and withdrawing of funds in the portal are well streamlined by allowing the system’s compatibility with many payment methods thus it relies on one’s selection.
  • There is a demo account via which new player can train on how to place their bet combinations on the bet365 bookies.


  • The minimum deposit amount, as well as stake, is quite high and not affordable to all Kenyans thus some willing users may be unable to afford to access the bookie’s services and products.
  • Most of the events in this bookmarker can only be played by people experienced in Casino activities as new investors may incur huge losses.

Bet365 is ideal for experienced as well as newbie gamblers as there are training tools availed by the portal especially the demo account boosts the player’s chances to make correct predictions. Bet365 is the best for casino and live betting thus most gamblers interested in getting the outcome of their investments within the shortest time possible would prefer this bookmarker.


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